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Super Bowl LVII: Chiefs Tomahawk Eagles

Chiefs vs Eagles
Sunday, February 12th / FOX @ 6:30 pm
Eagles favoured by 1.5

The limping Patrick Mahomes got his team to the Super Bowl; conversely, a one-armed Brock Purdy could get it done. The Eagles, with Hurts at quarterback, seem unstoppable. The way to stop the Eagles is to possess the ball and score on long, sustained drives, leaving Jalen Hurts on the bench. Is a gimpy Patrick Mahomes going to be able to do that? How about the Chief receiving core? Is anybody healthy enough to answer the call? This is an excellent chance for Kaderius Toney hope he understands and appreciates his opportunity. Jalen Hurts has a shoulder injury, but I expect he will be close to 100 percent. On the other side, the Mahomes injury is more difficult to play with as it directly affects his mobility. Hopefully, it’s a mild ankle sprain that won’t affect his play.

On paper, the Eagles win this game as they have a better roster and an X factor in Jalen Hurts. But the Chiefs have another X factor: Big Red himself, former Eagle Coach Andy Reid. The old Eagle coach will be more meticulously prepared than ever to make a difference in this game, resulting in a Chiefs victory. I’m taking the Chiefs and the points.

Chiefs win.
Chiefs lead series record 5-4

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