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Pop’s Picks: Super Wild Card Weekend

It’s a new season, and all teams start 0-0. Anything can happen and will. Have a great super wild card weekend of football starting on Saturday!

Seahawks at 49ers (-10)
Saturday at 4:30 PM FOX

Seahawks Stunt the 49ers

The Seahawk’s defence is rated as one of the worst in the NFL, which won’t cut it against the 49ers. On Saturday, it needs to perform at a much higher level and capitalize on the Achilles Heel of the 49ers. The Niners are heading into the playoffs with a rookie quarterback, and history has shown very little kindness to rookie quarterbacks in the playoffs. It’s been a Cinderella year for Geno Smith and Brock Purdy, but it’s midnight, so whose carriage turns into a pumpkin? The Seahawks will do enough to unsettle Purdy and pull off the upset. I’m taking the points and the Seahawks.

Pick: Seahawks win.
Seahawks lead the series 30-19.

Chargers at Jaguars (+1)
Saturday at 8:15 PM NBC

Jaguars Jump All Over The Chargers

TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville, FLCoaching matters as things can change fast in the NFL; recalling that last year was a disaster for the Jaguars, contrast that with winning the division this year. Chargers have had a hot and cold season, as many key starters are healing and coming off injuries. After a season of some very untimely injuries, it would follow that some of the key starters could have been on the sidelines for the last game of the season, which was meaningless. Surprisingly they weren’t, and the Chargers will face the consequences. I’m taking the Jaguars and the points.

Pick: Jaguars win and cover.
Chargers lead the series 9-4.

Dolphins at Bills (-10.5 )
Saturday at 1:00 PM CBS

Bills Dump The Dolphins

These two teams are meeting for the second time in a month and for the third time this season. The Bills are ready to uncork a big win here. The Dolphins have a solid defence and quality playmakers on offence, but the lack of available quarterback talent will be their downfall. The Bills will register a comfortable win.

Pick: Bills win and cover.
Miami leads the all-time series 61-52-1.

Giants at Vikings (-3)
Sunday at 4:30 PM FOX

Giants Vanquish the Vikings

U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MNAgain coaching matters, as the Giants were an embarrassment last year and in the Wild Card round this year. As unlikely as this seemed back at the beginning of the season for the Giants, they will not only make the playoffs, but I’m picking them to win this playoff game. The Giants had the benefit of playing against the Vikings a few weeks ago and are confident they could beat them. I’m taking the points and the Giants.

Pick: Giants win.
Vikings lead the series 18-12

Ravens at Bengals (-6.5)
Sunday at 8:15 PM NBC

Bengals Beat-Up The Ravens

These are division rivals; lately, the Bengals have been getting the better of the Ravens. It is really the wrong time for the Ravens to have quarterback problems, as the health of Lamar Jackson is at the heart of this match-up. It will be a closer match if he is healthy enough to play and produce.

Pick: Bengals win and cover
Ravens lead the series 28-26-0.

Cowboys at Buccaneers (+3)
Monday at 8:15 PM ABC

Buccaneers Banish The Cowboys 

The way the Cowboys ended the season is worrisome, as they were a no-show against Washington. The Cowboy starters were schooled by the Commanders, a team with nothing to play for except pride. The Cowboys lost the season opener to the Bucs and looked pretty bad. Either the Cowboys get revenge, or their earlier loss empowers the Bucs. At this point, it is not evident that this Cowboy’s team is ready to win a game in a most significant moment. Tom Brady has a lot of familiarity with big moments. I’m taking the points and the Buccaneers.

Pick: Bucs win.
Cowboys lead the series 15-6-0.

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