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Pop’s Picks Week 18: Jags Advance, Peterman Stinks, Dolphins Get Lucky

Jaguars advance, Dolphins get in, and Packers are back in the playoffs.

Pop’s Notepad: Sad week of football. Our prayers went out to Damar Hamlin this week. We are heartened and encouraged that his condition is improving. Monday night’s unfortunate events remind us that these are humans playing the game and, like us all, feel pain and have vulnerabilities. We are all football fans, of course, but the well-being and health of those that play this game are paramount and trump the importance of the game itself.

Pop’s record last week:
Week: Straight up 11-4-0 Spread 7-8-0
Season: Straight up 149-90-2 Spread 126-108-6

Chiefs (13-3) at Raiders (6-10)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 9.

The Chiefs need this game to clinch the top seed in the AFC. They had a scare against the Broncos last week. The Raiders are on their way to another rebuild and get another look at Stidham at quarterback. Chiefs will win, as they need this game more than the Raiders.
Chiefs win and cover.
Chiefs lead the series 71-54-2.

Titans (7-9) at Jaguars (8-8)
Line: Jaguars are favoured by 6.5.

This is for all the marbles; a win and in for either team. The Jaguars have been the better team lately and have a massive advantage at the quarterback. It is well understood Titans have to put the game and the ball in Derrick Henry’s hands; they have no other option. It will be close.
Jaguars win but don’t cover.
Titans lead the Series 34-22-0.

Ravens (10-6) at Bengals (11-4)
Line: Bengals are favoured by 7.

The Ravens are finding it difficult to win without Lamar Jackson. The Bengals are recovering from their emotional experience on Monday night, and preparation might be difficult for them; nevertheless, they need this game to win the division.
Bengals win and cover.
Ravens lead the Series 28-25-0.

Panthers (6-10) at Saints (7-9)
Line: Saints are favoured by 3.5.

The Panthers lost to the Buccaneers and eliminated themselves; the Saints won but still were eliminated. A quick and meaningless game. I’m taking the points and the Panthers.
Panthers win and cover.
Saints lead the series 29-27-0.

Browns (7-9) at Steelers (8-8)
Line: Steelers are favoured by 2.5.

The Steelers still have a chance to get in if they win; the Dolphins and Patriots lose. The Browns want to finish strong with quarterback Watson and avoid off-season dialogue about the wisdom of signing him to such a large and guaranteed contract. Steelers need it more.
Steelers win and cover.
Steelers lead the Series 79-62-1.

Texans(2-13-1) at Colts (4-11-1)
Line: Colts are favoured by 2.5.

This is the antithesis of a playoff qualifying game, as both teams close off terrible seasons. A loss will ensure that the Texans draft first overall.
Colts win.
Colts lead the series 32-9-1.

Vikings (12-4) at Bears (3-13)
Line: Vikings are favoured by 7.5

Peterman is in, and Fields out! Easy win for the Vikings; they may be able to rest some starters in the latter part of the game.
The Vikings win and cover.
Vikings lead series 64-57-2.

Patriots (8-8) at Bills (12-3)
Line: Bills are favoured by 7.

Difficult situation for the Bills, but they are the better team and will play to win this game. The loss will put the Patriots out of the playoffs.
Bills win and cover.
Patriots lead the Series 77-48-1.

Jets (7-9) at Dolphins (8-8)
Line: Jets are favoured by 1.

The Dolphins can make the playoffs, but first, they must take care of business and beat the Jets, and the Patriots must lose to the Bills.
Dolphins win.
Dolphins lead the Series 57-56-1.

Buccaneers (8-8) at Falcons (6-10)
Line: Falcons are favoured by 4.

A meaningless game for the Bucs, and they are hoping to exit the game without injuries. Many of their starters will be sitting. The Falcons were winning earlier in the season and would like to end the season on a positive note.
Falcons win and cover.
Bucs lead the Series 30-28-0.

Cardinals (4-12) at 49ers (12-4)
Line: 49ers are favoured by 14.

The 49ers are playing for the second seed or maybe the top seed in the playoffs; the Cardinals are wrapping up a horrible season. I’m taking the points but not the Cardinals.
49ers win but don’t cover.
49ers series lead 33-29-0.

Cowboys (12-4) at Commanders (7-8-1)
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 7.

If the Cowboys win this game, the 49ers lose or tie to the Cardinals, and the Eagles lose to the Giants, then the Cowboys clinch the top seed. A pretty unlikely scenario. The decision to play Wentz against the Browns ended the Commander’s playoff path. Disappointing!
Cowboys win and cover.
Cowboys lead the Series 76-47-2.

Chargers (10-6) at Broncos (4-12)
Line: Broncos are favoured by 2.5

To clinch the 5th seed in the playoffs, the Chargers need to beat the Broncos. Although the Broncos played well with the Chiefs, they still lost. They lose another one and put an end to what has been a miserable season.
Chargers win.
Broncos lead the Series 70-55-1.

Rams (5-11) at Seahawks (8-8)
Line: Seahawks are favoured by 6.5.

For the Seahawks to get into the playoffs, the Packers will have to lose their game against the Lions. The Rams have a chance to play the spoiler role. The Seahawks are going to win and hope that the Packers lose.
Seahawks win and cover.
Seahawks lead the Series 26-24-0.

Giants (9-6-1) at Eagles (14-2)
Line: Eagles are favoured by 14

The Eagles need this game to get the top NFC top seed, bye, and home-field advantage. The Giants don’t need the game but can’t lie down and hand the game to the Eagles. They also need to rest some players and will find the proper balance to keep the game close.
Eagles win and don’t cover.
Eagles lead the Series 90-87-2.

Lions (8-8) at Packers (8-8)
Line: Packers are favoured by 4.5.

It’s pretty straightforward for the Packers to move ahead to the playoffs, win, and get in. The Lions need to win and get some help from the Rams, which is unlikely.
Packers win and cover.
Packers lead the series 105-74-7.

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