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Pop’s Christmas Picks: Texans Upset, Eagles Struggle & Jaguars Keep Rolling.

Pop’s Notepad: After the Giants beat the Redskin and there has been an endless amount of chatter about pass interference on the Giants not called on the last play. What isn’t mentioned is that Heinicke had so much time to throw the ball because Thibodeaux got poked in the eye and effectively taken out of the play, and that wasn’t called either. Those Salvation Army Kettle-Jumping Cowboys add another disappointing defeat to their resume. Maybe this defeat will wake them up and make them dangerous. The Colts looked like their old selves taking a 33-point lead, and then looked like their new selves in the second half, losing a 33-point lead. Squandering a lead that size can’t be very good for interim coach Jeff Saturday’s future prospects. Enjoy this football week featuring games on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday as the season is winding down!

Pop’s Pop’s record last week: 

Week: Straight up 14-2-0 Spread 11-5-0
Season: Straight up 126-83-2 Spread 108-96-5

Jaguars (6-8) at Jets (7-7)
Line: Jets are favoured by 1.5

Thursday 8:15 AMZN

The Jaguars are hot as of late; the Jets are muddling through the end of the season. Zach Wilson will start and will have an opportunity to reestablish himself as the number-one quarterback. He will be up against a very confident Jaguars that just beat the Cowboys. I’m taking the points and the Jaguars.

Jaguars win.
Series tied 8-8-0.

Bills (11-3) at Bears (3-11) 
Line: Bills are favoured by 8.5

Saturday at 1:00 CBS

It should be a romp for the Bills, but I hope they are not looking past this team. Bears have the potential to be good but really need an infusion of talent to complement their talented and dangerous quarterback Justin Fields.

Bills win and cover.
Bears lead the Series 8-5-0.

Falcons (5-9) at Ravens (9-5)
Line: Ravens are favoured by 7.

Saturday at 1:00 PM FOX

It doesn’t look like Lamar Jackson will be returning this week. Tyler Huntley didn’t look too good last week, and now he was limited at practice with a shoulder injury. They are going to be facing the Falcons with practice squad quarterbacks. The Falcons are going with rookie Desmond Ridder, but their winning momentum has stalled.

Ravens win but don’t cover.
Ravens lead the Series 35-12-0.

Bengals (10-4) at Patriots (7-7)
Line: Bengals are favoured by 3

Saturday at 1:00 CBS

The Patriots did something very unPatriot-like and gifted a game to the Raiders. That turn of event was unfortunate, as they will be facing a red-hot Bengals team this week. Coach Belichick knows he should have ordered Mac Jones to take a knee. 

Bengals win and cover.
Patriots lead the Series 17-9-0.

Lions(7-7) at Panthers (5-9)
Line: Lions are favoured by 2.5

Saturday at 1 PM FOX

The Lions continue to maul all teams on their path and are inching closer to a playoff berth. The Panthers had started to turn things around until they ran up against the Steelers. The Panthers get a surprising win, so I’m taking the points and the Panthers.

Panthers win.
Panthers lead the Series 7-3-0.

Texans (1-12-1) at Titans (7-7)
Line: Titans are favoured by 3.

Sunday at 1 PM FOX

Lately, the Titans have been accumulating losses and are underperformers. The Texans usually play the Titans pretty tough; the Titans lose games they should win. I smell an upset, as the Texans are almost winning games. So I’m taking the Texans and the points.

Texans win.
Titans lead the Series 23-18-0.

Saints (5-9) at Browns (6-8)
Line: Browns are favoured by 2.5.

Sunday at 1:00 PM CBS

The Browns beat the Ravens last week but were not impressive and could have easily lost the game. The Saints are getting a second wind, but passing the Bucs in the standings will be challenging as they lost two times against them.

Saints win. 
The series tied 7-7-0.

Giants (8-5-1) at Vikings (11-3)
Line: Vikings are favoured by 4.

Saturday at 1:00 PM FOX

The Giants won a close against the Commanders; the Vikings won a wild one against the Colts and set an NFL record. The Vikings have Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook; the Giants don’t have anyone to stop them. Somehow the ball bounces in the direction of the Giants, and they pull off an upset. I’m taking the points and the Giants.

Giants win.
Vikings lead the series 17-12-0.

Seahawks (7-7) at Chiefs (11-3)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 10

Saturday at 1:00 PM FOX

The Seahawks are pretty banged up and have lost four of their last five games. The Chiefs aren’t the team the Seahawks get right on. 

Chiefs win cover.
Chiefs lead the Series 33-19-0.

Commanders (7-6-1) at 49ers (10-4)
Line: 49ers are favoured by 7

Sunday at 4:05 PM CBS

Commanders need this win to stay in the playoff picture; Levi stadium is a tough place to get it. Purdy gets tested again, as there is more tape on him to find some of his weaknesses.

49ers win and cover.
Niners lead the Series 21-12-1.

Eagles (13-1-0) at Cowboys (10-4)
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 5

Saturday at 4:25 PM FOX

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the best team in the NFC East? Jerry Jones says, how about ’em, Cowboys. The Eagles will start Gardner Minshew, and he may encounter some turbulence in Jerryville. The Cowboys got a rude awakening last week but will hand the Eagles the second loss of the season and remain in narrow contention for first place in the NFC east.

Eagles win and cover.
Cowboys lead the Series 72-55-0.

Raiders (6-8) at Steelers (6-8)
Line: Steelers are favoured by 3.

Saturday at 8:15 PM NFLN

Kenny Pickett is back this week, which is good news as the Steelers are winning with him. The Raiders can’t hold the lead, as only a fluke play against the Patriots gave them an overtime victory.

Steelers win and cover.
Raiders lead the Series 17-12-0.

Packers (6-8) at Dolphins (8-6)
Line: Dolphins are favoured by 4.

Sunday at 1:00 PM FOX

The Packers are still marginally in the playoff picture; the rookie receivers are starting to contribute. Although the Dolphins are coming off a tough loss against the Bills, bringing the count to three losses in a row, they will prevail against the Packers. 

Dolphins win and cover.
Dolphins lead the Series 10-5-0.

Broncos (4-10) at Rams (4-10)
Line: Broncos are favoured by 2.5.

Sunday at 4:30 PM CBS

Although Baker Mayfield provided a spark for the Rams and gave them an unexpected win in his debut, the Rams’ offence is still sputtering. The prospect of the Rams suddenly improving and putting points against the Broncos is remote. The Broncos are having a terrible season but do have excellent defence.

Broncos win and cover.
Rams lead the Series 9-5-0.

Buccaneers (6-8) at Cardinals (4-10)
Line: Buccaneers are favoured by 6.5

Sunday at 8:20 PM CBS

Cardinals season is ending in a very disappointing way; Buccaneers are being challenged for first place and a playoff spot. Bucs will play hard as they want to maintain themselves in first place.

Bucs win and cover.
Cardinals lead the Series 11-10-0.

Chargers (8-6) at Colts (4-9-1)
Line: Chargers are favoured by 4.

Monday at 8:15 PM ESPN

Justin Hebert finally has some good offensive players around him, especially at the wide-receiver position. The Charger’s pass rush will be difficult for a rusty Nick Foles to handle. The Colts are still trying to figure out how they gave up a 33-point lead at half-time.

Chargers win and cover.
Colts lead the Series 23-21-2.

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