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Pop’s Picks Week 11: The Vikings Rise, The Commanders Fall, Mexico City Goes Wild!

Pop’s Notepad:  Halfway re-incarnations or burials

Last week I accurately predicted that the Commanders would upset the Eagles; now, the 72 Dolphins can uncork the Champagne and celebrate!
Some teams rose, and others continued to bury themselves. The Buccaneers didn’t disappoint their German audience and brought their winning streak to two games. The Packers stopped a five-game winning streak and won at home. Maybe it’s premature, but they are on the rise. After a shaky start, the Ravens are quietly improving their record, winning their last three games. I don’t know what’s going on with the Raiders, but the team is getting worse weekly. Unless they start winning, there could be some significant changes going into next year. The Rams have gone from a powerhouse to cellar-dwellers and are still celebrating their Superbowl victory. The Rams have over-mortgaged their future by trading many of their draft choices. Meanwhile, the Broncos can’t put together an offence and can’t win. They invested heavily in Russell Wilson and brought in new coaching staff, and the results have been poor. The new ownership group isn’t the type that will sit back and allow the team to deteriorate.
Have a great week of football!

Pop’s Pop’s record last Week:
Week: Straight up 8-6-0 Spread: 5-9-0
Season: Straight up 83-67-1 Spread: 80-68-3

Titans (6-3) at Packers (4-6)
Line: Packers are favoured by 3

Will the Packers continue their revival as a wild card chance isn’t too far away? After ending their five-game losing streak by beating the Cowboys at Lambeau, the Packers must be elated. Rogers has found a new weapon in Watson. They are going to be dangerous from here on in. Titans were lucky to win against the Broncos. The Titans are going to be victims to the re-surging Packers.
Packers win and cover.
Titans lead the series 7-5-0.

Panthers (3-7) at Ravens (6-3)
Line: Ravens are favoured by 13

The Panthers had a very satisfying victory against the Falcons, playing like a team with nothing to lose and many players wanting to prove that they belong on an NFL roster. After a shaky start, the Ravens have quietly put up three wins in a row. It’s difficult to leave thirteen points on the board, but the Ravens will win big.
Ravens win and cover.
Panthers lead the series 4-2-0.

Bears (3-7) at Falcons (4-6)
Line: Falcons are favoured by 3

The Bears have recently found some success planning around their quarterback’s strengths and the running attack, but they still have a long way to go. However, since their impressive win against the Patriots, they have lost three in a row. The Falcons seemed to be on the right track, but recent losses are a concern. They will get back to winning and beat the Bears.
Falcons win and cover.
Bears lead the series 15-13-0

Browns at (3-6) at Bills (6-3)
Line: Bills are favoured by 8

A horrible string of losses for the Bills in games they could have won is disappointing. The Browns are having their issues and have been more cold than hot this season. Waiting for Deshaun Watson is proving to be very costly in terms of wasting this season. The Bills will come out strong and win this game early and decisively.
Bills win and cover.
Browns lead the series 13-9-0

Lions (3-6) at Giants (7-2)
Line: Giants favoured by 3.

The Lions always play hard and will try to make it three wins in a row. The Giants are winning them ugly, but it is not a beauty contest. Lions give up a lot of points. The Giants will have to stop their high-flying offence and avoid getting into a shoot-out. The Giants unspectacularly win and cover.
Giants win and cover.
Lions lead the series 24-21-1.

Rams (3-6) at Saints (3-7)
Line: Saints are favoured by 3.5

|Battle of the underperformers; does it matter who wins? I’m going to go with the home team Saints. I’m taking the Saints and the points.
Saints win but don’t cover.
Rams lead the series 43-34-0

Jets (6-3) at Patriots (5-4)
Line: Patriots favoured by 3

It’s difficult to imagine that the Jets are meeting the last-place Patriots. Although the Jets have improved lately, the Patriots are playing much better. This a game the Patriots are going to win.
Patriots win and cover.
Patriots lead the series 72-54-1.

Eagles(8-1) at Colts (4-5-1)
Line: Eagles are favoured by 7

Can Saturday win on Sunday again? If he does, everyone will be hunting for the next ex-player with no coaching experience to hire. The dysfunctional Colts will not win today and won’t be winning another game for a while. The Eagles will rebound strongly after their loss to the Commanders.
Eagles win and cover.
Series tied 10-10-0.

Commanders (5-5) at Texans (1-7-1)
Line Commanders are favoured by 3

The Texans are not an easy out, and the Commanders don’t win easily. The Texans can only take solace in fighting hard and making other teams earn their victories. The Commanders just beat the best in football and will be sky-high for their game. I think the Commanders will underestimate the Texans and ultimately lose the game.
Texans win.
Texans lead the series 3-2-0.

Raiders (2-7) at Broncos (3-6)
Line: Broncos are favoured by 2.5

I need to figure out what’s happening with the Raiders or where they’re headed. It’s a must-win game for McDaniels if he wants to keep his job. The Broncos haven’t been great, and Wilson has been disappointing so far, but their defence is pretty good. I’m taking the Raiders and the points.
Raiders win.
Raiders lead the series 70-54-2.

Bengals (5-4) at Steelers (3-6)
Line: Bengals are favoured by 3.5

There is some resurgence on the part of the Steelers. TJ Watt’s return makes the Steelers much better on defence. The Bengals have been hot and cold this year, still digesting their Super bowl loss. I’m taking the points, the Steelers as they win, and even the series.
Steelers win.
Steelers lead the series 68-38-0

Cowboys (6-3) at Vikings (8-1)
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 1.5

The Vikings still need to get respect despite their excellent record, as they are home underdogs. The Cowboys blew a two-touchdown lead and made some poor decisions at Lambeau in the overtime loss.
Vikings win.
Cowboys lead the series 18-15-0

Chiefs (7-2) at Chargers (5-4)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 5.5

The Chiefs are a little banged up on offence, with Hardman being listed as questionable for Sunday’s game. The Chargers have had their injury woes this year, and despite a winning record, the season has yet to be as successful as they expected.
Chiefs win and cover.
Chiefs lead the series 66-58-1

49ers (5-4) at Cardinals (4-6) – Mexico City
Line: 49ers are favoured by 8

The 49ers are improving every week and are getting healthier. It is unknown if Kyler Murray will be able to start for the Cardinals. I can’t see the Cardinals winning this game, regardless of who starts at quarterback. I’m taking the 49ers and the points.
49ers win but don’t cover.
49ers lead the series 32-29-0

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