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Pop’s Picks Week 10: Will Jeff Saturday prove us wrong?

Last week the Bengals and the Bucs were able to find some needed life while the Packers and the Rams continued their disappointing season. Seahawks, Vikings and Jets continue their surprising season. It looks like McCaffrey is sparking the 49ers, which will make a difference in the coming weeks. Have the Bears figured out how to use the strengths of Justin Fields? Are the Raiders going to be able to hold the lead? After the Colts make a weird mid-season decision to fire their coach, are they planning to fold? Maybe this week, we will see how good the Bills are without their QB. Will this be the week the Eagles falter? Who will get their act together, the Cardinals, Rams or Packers? Any more coach firings next week? 

Have a great week of football!

Pop’s Pop’s record: 
Last week: Straight up 10-3-0 Spread 9-3-1
Season: Straight up 75-60-1 Spread 75-59-3 

Falcons (4-5) at Panthers (2-7)
Line: Falcons are favoured by 2.5

Last time these two teams, there was an exciting feeling to the way the game was played out, with the Panthers throwing away the victory, missing an extra point conversion. The Falcons will get over their overtime loss to the Chargers and continue having a good season.

Falcons win and cover.
Falcons lead the series 35-20-0

Seahawks (6-3) at Buccaneers (4-5)  
Line: Bucs are favoured by 2.5

Did the Bucs get right last week against the Rams? Maybe they did. Gino Smith continues to impress with an MVP-type season. The Seahawks are rolling, but I smell a Buccaneer surge and Seahawk setback.

Bucs win and cover.
Seahawks lead the series 9-5-0

Browns (3-5) at Dolphins (6-3)
Line: Dolphins are favoured by 3.5

The Browns took to the ground game and beat the Bengals; the Bears scared the Dolphins. The Dolphins have a lot of tools on offence and will be quickly making plays. The Browns will want to use their ground game, but the Dolphins will do a good job neutralizing it.

Dolphins win but don’t cover.
Dolphins lead the series 11-9-0

Broncos at (3-5) at Titans (5-3)
Line: Titans are favoured by 2

After breaking a four-game losing streak, the Broncos say they are in it to win and kept all their receivers. They are not going to win this one. The Titans lost a tough game in overtime against the Chiefs; they’ll rebound and win this home game.

Titans win and cover.
Titans lead the series 24-18-1

Lions (2-6) at Bears (3-6)
Line: Bears favoured by 3

Containing and stopping Justin Fields and the Bear’s running attack will be difficult for the Lions. The Bears will be facing a fired-up team getting their second win of the season. It won’t be two in a row for the Lions.

Bears win and cover. 
Bears lead the series 104-75-0

Texans (1-6-1) at Giants (6-2)
Line: Giants are favoured by 6.5

The Giants are come off the bye and have had to add to their injury woes, losing Mckinney, a key piece of their defence for the next few weeks. We will see a lot of Barclay against the Texans, as Derrick Henry ran wild on the Texans last week. Texans can beat any team but usually lose, but they are certainly not a team to be taken lightly. I typically feel uneasy when Giants are favoured, so I’m taking the points.

Giants win but don’t cover.
Giants lead the series 4-1-0

Jaguars (3-6) at Chiefs (6-2)
Line: Chiefs favoured by 9.5

Jaguars had a nice come-from-behind win against the Raiders. Mahomes went all out to lead to Chiefs to victory against the Titans. The Jaguars will play a solid game and stay close, but the Chiefs will win.

Chiefs win but don’t cover. 
Chiefs lead the series 7-6-0

Seahawks (5-3) at Cardinals (3-5)
Line: Cardinals are favoured by 2

Is it time to stick a fork into the Cardinals; are they done? The Seahawks are playing good defence and found a running game along with the MVP play of Gino Smith. I don’t see how the Cardinals are favoured by two. I’m taking the points and the Seahawks.

Seahawks win.
Seahawks lead the series 24-22-1

Vikings(7-1) at Bills (6-2)
Line: Bills are favoured by 3.5

The Vikings just squeezed a comeback win against the Redskins. The validity of the Vikings’ surprising record is about to be tested by the Bills. Whether or not Josh Allen plays, the Bills will not lose two in a row for the Bills. 

Bills win but don’t cover.
Vikings lead the series 8-6-0.

Saints (3-6) at Steelers (2-6)
Line Steelers are favoured by 1.5

The Saints are stinging from their loss to the Ravens; Steelers are not having a great season but are always difficult to beat at home. The Steelers have some excellent players on defence. The Saints need to find a better quarterback.

Steelers win and cover.
Saints lead the series 9-7-0.

Colts (3-5-1) at Raiders (2-6)
Line: Raiders are favoured by 3.5

The only surprising element of firing Coach Reich was the timing. As the Raiders maybe be having second thoughts about their coaching hire, especially if they lose this game. Jeff Saturday has a big learning curve ahead of him and will have a big job getting his staff and team ready. Seems like an easy win for the Raiders. 

Raiders win and cover.
Raiders lead the series 11-9-0.

Cardinals (3-6) at Rams (3-5)
Line: Rams are favoured by 3

The Rams Coach McVay should focus on this season and his team instead of speculating about the uncertain future and his premature retirement. Both teams are going nowhere. I was not too fond of Murray’s antics on the sidelines. The rams win this one.

Rams win and cover
Rams lead the series 48-39-2

Cowboys (6-2) at Packers (3-6)
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 4.5

The Packers can’t seem to score touchdowns and were handled by the Lions. The Cowboy’s defence is smelling blood and will be all over the Packers, causing multiple turnovers. The Cowboys are coming off their bye week and anxiously await their next opponent.

Cowboys win and cover.
Packers lead the series 20-17-0

Chargers (5-3) at 49ers (4-4)
Line: 49ers are favoured by 7

McCaffrey is already an integral part of the 49er’s offence providing a triple-threat option. The Chargers benefitted from the Falcon’s incredible blunders. I doubt that their luck will continue against the Niners.

49ers win and cover.
Chargers lead the series 8-7-0

Commanders (4-5) at Eagles (8-0)
Line: Eagles are favoured by 10.5

Commanders will not be pushovers; they fought hard against the Vikings and came up short. The Eagles look pretty invincible, as any weakness is difficult to observe. Commanders have a solid defence that will challenge Hurts and the offence. I smell upset and am taking the Commanders and the points.

Commanders win.
Commanders lead the series 88-82-0

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