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Pop’s Picks Week 8: Who’s For Real, Who’s Faking It?

Pop’s Notes: Five questions.

Are the Jets, Giants, and Vikings that good?

Will the Packers and the Bucs re-ignite and play the way we are used to seeing them, or will they fade and bring about Quarterback questions? 

So far, the Eagles have soared to a 6-0 record, or have they been spoiled with an easy schedule? 

As the Niners slowly get healthier, will the McCaffrey trade prove worthwhile?

Are the Rams going from Super-bowl to Super bust? 

Pop’s Pop’s record last Week: 

WEEK: Straight up 8-6-0 Spread 8-6-0
Season: Straight up 56-41-1 Spread 60-46-2

Ravens (4-3) at Buccaneers (3-4)
Line: Ravens are favoured by 1.5.

The Bucs are fired-up after a humiliating loss to the Panthers. The Ravens won a close one against the Browns. The Bucs seem to be falling apart and aren’t going to be up to the task of beating the Ravens.

Ravens win and cover.
Ravens lead the series 4-2-0.

Broncos (2-5) at Jaguars (2-5)  
Line: Jaguars are favoured by 3.5.

Wembley Stadium, London, UK. ESPN

The Jaguars are accustomed to playing in London, which gives them an advantage. The Jaguars will rebound from their recent losses and put this game in the win column. It seems that the Broncos can only kick field goals and play strong defence.

Jaguars win and cover.
Series tied 7-7-0.

Cardinals (3-4) at Vikings (5-1)
Line: Vikings are favoured by 3.5

The Cardinals became revitalized after a lob-sided win against the Saints. Two pick-sixes helped turn the game towards the Cards. Sleepy Vikings are quietly establishing unexpected victories.

Vikings win but don’t cover.
Vikings lead the series 17-12-0.

Panthers at (2-5) at Falcons (3-4)
Line: Falcons are favoured by 6.5

Suddenly the Panthers traded McCaffrey and won; the Falcons experienced a difficult loss against the reemerging Bengals. Panthers won but won’t be turning their season around; the Falcons will continue to improve and win more games. 

Falcons win and cover.
Falcons lead the series 34-20-0.

Bears (3-4) at Cowboys (5-2)
Line: Cowboys favoured by 10.5

The Cowboys will feast on the Bear’s inexperienced QB Fields with an offensive line that can’t protect him. The Bears got a smart win against the Patriots using their strong running game and the athleticism of their QB. A win at big D would be a confidence booster. While the Bear’s offence brings a challenging match-up to the Cowboy’s defence, the Cowboys won’t need too many points to win.

Cowboys win but don’t cover. 
Cowboys lead the series 15-12-0.

Raiders (2-4) at Saints (2-5)
Line: Raiders favoured by 2.

Raiders just got a taste of a solid victory; as for the Saints, they need to establish someone at quarterback. The Raiders have an established quarterback with some interesting offensive weapons. The Saints are just missing too many pieces.

Raiders win and cover.
Raiders lead the series 7–6-1.

Dolphins (4-3) at Lions (1-5)
Line: Dolphins are favoured by 3

The Lions are gritty, make too many mistakes to upset anyone and have yet to make any progress this season. Shiela Ford Hamp, the owner of the Lions, gave Coach Campbell and General Manager Holmes a vote of confidence this week; that’s never a good sign. On the Dolphin’s side, Tua is back and so winning.

Dolphins win and cover.
Dolphins lead the series 7-5-0.

Patriots (3-4) at Jets (5-2)
Line: Patriots are favoured by 2.5

Jets are the other New York team that has exceeded expectations. Jones and Bailey Zappe cant both be number one. This game is going to test the validity of the Jets’ record. I’m taking the Jets and the points.

Jets win and cover
Patriots lead the series 71-54-1

Steelers (2-5) at Eagles 6-0)
Line: Eagles favoured by 11.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Steelers got a win against the Eagles, but I can’t see that happening right now. The Eagles are well-rested and will field a team with great depth and talent. The Steelers fought the Dolphins hard but couldn’t put points on the board to win the game. It will be harder against the Eagles.

Eagles win but don’t cover. 
Eagles lead the series 48-29-3.

Titans (4-2) at Texans (1-4-1)
Line: Titans are favoured by 2.

Is this a game that the Titans can lose? Sure, but they seem to be rolling in the right direction. The Texans usually play the Titans very close but not today. Texans have a long way to go in their rebuilding. This is going to be a loss for the Texans.

Titans win and cover.
Titans lead the series 22-18-0.

Giants (6-1) at Seahawks (4-3)
Line: Seahawks are favoured by 3

Geno Smith is leading a Seahawks team that looks like their head to the playoffs. Giants are pulling wins out of a magician’s hat. Jones and Saquan are carrying the team, but injuries make the possibility of winning more games shaky. I’m taking the points and the Giants.

Giants win.
Giants lead the series 10-9-0.

49ers (3-4) at Rams (3-3)
Line: 49ers favoured by 2.

McCaffrey should be functionally integrated into the 49ers’ offence. The Rams can’t seem to beat the 49ers during the regular season, and this year they are having many issues on offence. 

49ers win and cover.
49ers lead the series 76-68-2.

Commanders (3-4) at Colts (3-3-1)
Line: Colts are favoured by 3

This game could have featured Wentz vs Ryan; instead, it will feature the two back-ups. Commanders are the latest team to beat up the Packers. The Colts are up and down but will have enough to beat the Commanders.

Colts win but won’t cover
Colts lead the series 21-12-0.

Packers (3-4) at Bills (5-1)
Line: Bills are favoured by 10.5

The Bills are playing outstanding football and are coming off a win against the Chiefs. The Packers are in a tailspin, and the finger-pointing rarely improves things. Maybe they’re not that good, and it’s the wrong time for the Packers to face the Bills. Wow, this should be no contest—another Packer loss.

Bills win but don’t cover.
Bills lead the series 8-5-0.

Bengals (4-3) at Browns (2-5)
Line: Bengals are favoured by 3

I have many concerns about the Browns, with their record not in line with the amount of talent on the team. It looks like they won’t get their act together any time soon. The Bengals were off to a shaky start but recently started to win, with Joe Burrow throwing for almost 500 yards.

Bengals win and cover.
Bengals lead the series 51-46-0.

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