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Pop’s Picks Week 7: Tua Time, New York Thrives and Packers Flop.

Pop’s Notes: Some Questions?
Can the Lions welcome Dal Prescott back with an upset? Tua is back, and will the Dolphins should return to their winning ways? Are the Cardinals going to start winning to save their coach? After losing to two New York teams in consecutive weeks, are the Packers going down the drain? Are the Giants still the worse 5-1 team ever?

Pop’s Pop’s record last Week: 
WEEK: Straight up 6-8-0 / Spread 8-6-0
Season: Straight up 48-45-1 / Spread 52-40-2

Saints (2-4) at Cardinals (2-4)
Line: Cardinals are favoured by 1.5.

Lately, the Cardinals can’t put points on the board. Coach Kingsberry wants to stop calling plays. The fans want him to quit coaching altogether! The Saints can put points even when they use serviceable Andy Dalton as a quarterback. I’ll take the points.

Saints win.
Saints lead the series 16-15-0.

Falcons (3-3) at Bengals(3-3)  
Line: Bengals are favoured by 6.

No one should take these Falcons lightly; they are an improving team and are always in the game. The Bengals are rebounding with a clutch come-from-behind game against the Saints. Picking the Bengals to win, but I’m taking the points.

Bengals win but don’t cover.
Bengals lead the Series 9-5-0.

Browns (2-4) at Ravens (3-3)
Line: Ravens are favoured by 6.

It’s been very disappointing for the Ravens, who can’t seem to hold the lead; on the other hand, the Browns are regressing while waiting for Deshaun. The Ravens are not going to surrender a lead this time. The Ravens will win by more than a touchdown.

Ravens win and cover.
Ravens lead the series 34-12-0.

Lions at (1-4) at Cowboys (4-2)
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 7.

The Lions are a gritty team that fights you on every down but has very few wins to show; this is not likely to change against the Cowboys. Dak is finally healed and rejoins the team, making them that much better. The well-rested Lions will somehow pull off an upset. I am taking the points and the Lions.

Lions win.
Cowboys lead the series 17-12-0.

Packers(3-3) at Commanders (2-4)
Line: Packers favoured by 5.5.

What is going on with the Packers? It looks like their falling apart. The Commanders have an excellent front seven on defence. We will find out if Coach Rivera correctly said that quarterback play was the biggest problem. Taylor Heinicke has played well in the past and maybe can bring life to this offence. I’m taking the points.

Packers win but don’t cover. 
Packers lead the series 22-16-1.

Colts (3-2-1) at Titans (3-2)
Line: Titans favoured by 2.

The Titans are starting to play like division champs winning three in a row after a shaky start; Colts beat the Chiefs and then lost to lesser opponents. The way the Titans are trending, they should win this game; but the Titans are notorious for losing games they should win. Carefully I’m going with the Titans.

Titans win and cover.
Colts the series 35–21-0.

Giants (5-1) at Jaguars (2-4)
Line: Jaguars are favoured by 2.5.

Surprisingly the Giants are off to a great start; the Jaguars have stumbled in losing the last three games. Both teams are in rebuilding, but the Giants a further along. I expect the Giant’s defence to challenge quarterback Trevor Lawerence vigorously. I’m taking the points and the Giants.

Giants win.
Jaguars lead the series 4-3-0.

Bucs(3-3) at Panthers (1-5)
Line: Bucs are favoured by 9.5.

It’s difficult for an NFL team to win in the middle of a fire sale. Players start to make business decisions on the field. This looks like a get-right game for the Bucs and Tom Brady, as they need this win to stay on top.

Bucs win but don’t cover.
Panthers lead the series 24- 19-0

Texans (1-3-1) at Raiders (1-4)
Line: Raiders favoured by 7.

The Raiders have been shooting themselves in the foot all season long, and the game against the Chiefs was no exception. The last time they played, the Texans surprisingly beat the Jaguars, notching their first victory. Texans’ second victory is not around the corner.

Raiders win and cover. 
Raiders lead the series 8-4-0.

Jets (4-2) at Broncos (2-4)
Line: Broncos are favoured by 3.5

The Jets are 3-0 since the return of Zach Wilson; Broncos, on the other hand, aren’t in sync on offence. They have the defence to stifle the jets to a low-scoring game. Nevertheless, the Jets will continue their winning ways. I’m taking the points and the Jets.

Jets win.
Broncos lead the series 22-16-1.

Chiefs (4-2) at 49ers (3-3)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 3.

The 49ers, in dealing with multiple injuries, got handled by the Falcons. The Chiefs are coming off a tough loss against the Bills. The Chiefs will bounce back and beat the hobbling 49ers.

Chiefs win and cover.
Series tied 7-7-0.

Seahawks (3-3) at Chargers (4-2)
Line: Chargers favoured by 7.5.

Hard to believe that Geno Smith is having a better season than Russell Wilson? The Chargers battered offensive line made Justin Hebert look pretty ordinary, barely beating the Broncos.  Geno will keep it close, so I’m taking the points.

Chargers win but don’t cover.
Seahawks lead the series 26-25-0.

Steelers (3-3) at Dolphins (3-2)
Line: Dolphins are favoured by 5.5

Tua will be back to lead the Dolphins. The Dolphins will get back on track and win. Regardless of who will play quarterback for the Steelers, it will be a close game—looking for Minkah Fitzpatrick to have a great game. 

Dolphins win but won’t cover
Steelers lead the series 15-13-0.

Bears (2-4) at Patriots (3-3)
Line: Patriots are favoured by 6.

Hopefully, the Bears have learned something after beating themselves several times against the Commanders in the red zone. Zero points in three possessions. Whatever they learned will not be enough against a team like the Patriots, who will exploit their weaknesses and lack of weapons for Justin Fields. 

Patriots win and cover.
Patriots lead the series 10-4-0.

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