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Pop’s Picks Week 6: Eagles blow it, Chiefs disappoint, Jaguars surprise.

Who would imagine that the NFC East would be a powerhouse? On Sunday night, we could see the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles tied for first with a 5-1. Have a great week of football, starting with tonight’s game!

Pop’s record last Week: 

WEEK: Straight up 9-7 Spread 8-7-1
Season: Straight up 42-37-1
Spread: 44-34-2

Commanders (1-4) at Bears (2-3)
Line: Bears are favoured by 1.

Surprisingly Coach Rivera blamed poor quarterback play for the teams’ dismal recordCommanders have been a disappointment, and it’s not only Carson Wentz. Rivera’s comments are not helpful and will only cause more dysfunctionality. On the other hand, the Bears have the essence of a very athletic QB and will win this game.

The Bears win and cover.
Commanders lead the series tied 26-24-2

Ravens (3-2) at Giants (4-1)  
Line: Ravens are favoured by 5.5

On a not so Foggy day in Londontown, the upstart underdog Giants upset the Packers in front of many cheeseheads who were at the match. Wink gets a chance to play against Lamar Jackson and company; Giants are confident and not an easy out. I’m taking the points and the Giants.

Giants win and cover.
Ravens lead the Series 5-2-0.

Bengals (2-3) at Saints (2-3)
Line: Saints are favoured by 1

The Saints may have a quarterback; Taysom Hill did it all and got his team a win. The Bengals are struggling, losing some close games. Taking the points and the Bengals

Bengals win.
Series tied 7-7-0.

Jaguars at (2-3) at Colts (2-2-1)
Line: Colts are favoured by 2

The decision to go for rethread quarterbacks is haunting the Colts’ organization. Suddenly the Jaguars look very beatable; nevertheless, Jaguars will win. 

Jaguars win.
Colts lead the series 26-17-0.

Patriots(2-3) at Browns (2-3)
Line: Browns favoured by 3

Running game against running game, who will prevail? Zappe looks good, and his getting the Patriots back on track. The Browns have been far from impressive. They have the offensive line and running game to control and win many games, but I don’t see it happening. Taking the points and the Patriots

Patriots win.
Series tied 13-13-0.

Jets (3-2) at Packers (3-2)
Line: Packers favoured by 7

On a not-so-foggy day in Londontown, the Packers took a jet-lagging loss! The Jets beat up the Dolphins and are riding high. I’m looking at the Packers rebounding at home.

Packers win and cover.
Jets the series 8–5-0.

49ers (3-2) at Falcons (2-3)
Line: 49ers are favoured by 5.5

The Falcons will play hard and keep it close, but they need to get Kyle Pitts back in the line-up. The 49ers have a quality defence that also puts points on the board. I’m taking the points, but the 49ers will win.

49ers win but don’t cover.
49ers lead the series 48-32-1.

Bucs(3-2) at Steelers (1-4)
Line: Bucs are favoured by 8

Steelers suffered a humiliating loss at the hands of the Bills. Bucs lost a few games before righting themselves against the Falcons. The Steelers keep it close but don’t bounce back in this game.

Bucs win but don’t cover.
Steelers lead the series 9-2.

Vikings (4-1) at Dolphins (3-2)

Line: Vikings favoured by 3

No Tua, no Bridgewater, no problem! It’s going to be Skyler Thompson or bust. The Dolphins have a lot of weapons on offence and a solid defence. The Vikings have been over-achieving. Taking the points and the Dolphins as the Vikings lose a close one.

Dolphins win.

Dolphins lead the series 8-5-0.

Cardinals (2-3) at Seahawks (2-3)
Line: Cardinals by 3

Geno Smith continues to impress, but not so much Kyler Murray. It won’t matter because the Cardinals will get their act together and win.

Cardinals win but don’t cover. 
Seahawks lead the series 23-22-1.

Panthers (1-4) at Rams (2-3)
Line: Rams are favoured by 11

It will be interesting to see how the Panthers react to the firing of Matt Rhule and some of his staff. The Rams are having their issues, including scoring points. The Rams will find a temporary cure against the Panthers.

Rams win and cover.
Panthers lead the series 13-9-0.

Bills (4-1) at Chiefs (3-1)
Line: Bills are favoured by 2

Both teams seem to be hitting their stride. It will be a high-scoring game, but the Bills have the better defence. 

Bills win and cover.
Bills lead the series 27-24-1.

Cowboys (4-1) at Eagles (5-0)
Line: Eagles favoured by 5

Battle for the NFC east supremacy round one. The Cowboys, who are nobody’s underdog, according to Coach Macarthy, are underdogs. The Cowboys will win with their defence making the difference. I’m taking the points and the Cowboys to win.

Cowboys win cover.
Cowboys lead the series 72-54-0.

Broncos (2-3) at Chargers (3-2)
Line: Chargers are favoured by 5.5

Wow, Russell Wilson wasn’t good against the Colts, discovering a way not to throw the ball to wide-open receivers. As Coach Hackett continues to be incompetent, new ownership will be rattling the cage soon.

The Chargers win and cover.
Broncos lead the series 70-54-1.

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