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Pop’s Picks Week 5: Giants upset the Packers, Lions upset Patriots, and Seahawks upset Saints.

Pops’s pop quiz.
Who will be undefeated? Cooper Rush, Eagles or both.
Will this be a get-right game for the Rams? 
Is Geno Smith a fluke, or is he an MVP?
Are the Lions going to score another 45 points and lose?
Will the Cards be able to knock the Eagles off their so-far perfect season?

Pop’s record last Week: 8-8-0 straight-up and against the spread, is 3-12-1—cumulative record: 33-30-1 straight-up and 36-27-1 against the spread.

Colts (1-2-1) at Broncos (2-2)
Line: Broncos are favoured by 3.5.

The Colts aren’t going to be able to score enough points. Broncos will rebound from a difficult loss against the Raiders to win a low-scoring game.

Broncos win and cover.
Series tied 14-14-0.

Giants (3-1) at Packers (3-1)  
Line: Packers are favoured by 8.

Giants are 2-0 on the pitch and have won a Superbowl both years in which they played in London, which seems more improbably than their 3-1 start. Packers struggled against the Patriots but won in overtime. Giants seem to be getting healthier. I’m taking the points and the Giants.

Giants win.
Packers lead the Series 34-26-2.

Falcons (2-2) at Buccaneers (2-2)
Line: Bucs are favoured by 8.5

Falcons are improved and quietly winning games, but not here. Bucs will rebound from the loss to the Chiefs, and Tom Brady and the Bucs will eke out a win.

Bucs win but don’t cover.
Buccaneers lead the series 29-28-0.

Bears at (2-2) at Vikings (3-1)
Line: Vikings are favoured by 7.

The Bears are having problems scoring touchdowns. They can run the ball, but passing has been a challenge. Vikings can put points and the board and will do so often.

Vikings win but don’t cover.
Vikings lead the series 63-57-2.

Lions(1-3) at Patriots (1-3)
Line: Patriots favoured by 3.

Last week the Lions scored 45 points and still lost; the Patriots, led by their backup quarterbacks, took the Packers to overtime. I’m taking the Lions and the points.

Lions win.
Patriots lead the series 7-5-0.

Texans (0-3-1) at Jaguars (2-2)
Line: Jaguars favoured by 7.

Jaguars came back to earth after they scored two touchdowns to lead the Eagles last week. Texans are looking for their first win. The Jaguars are going to win. 

Jaguars win and don’t cover.
Texans series 27–13-0.

Chargers (2-2) at Browns (2-2)
Line: Chargers are favoured by 3.

Browns are coming off a game where they allowed the Falcons to come back in the fourth quarter and beat them. The home-dog Browns will win this game by running the ball. I’m taking the Browns and the points.

Browns win.
Chargers lead the series 18-9-1.

Dolphins(3-1) at Jets (2-2)
Line: Dolphins are favoured by 3.

This game could be an upset, but it won’t be. The Jets gained confidence in their comeback victory against the Steelers. Losing Tua is devasting for the Dolphins, but they will regroup around Bridgwater.  

Dolphins win and cover.
Dolphins lead Series 57-55-1.

Steelers(1-3) at Bills 3-1)
Line: Bills by 14.

After throwing three interceptions last week, Kenny Pickett was named next week’s starter. I guess it will be a baptism of fire in usually frigid Buffalo. Bills will romp but won’t win by 14.

Bills win but don’t cover. 
Steelers lead the series 17-11-0.

Seahawks 2-2) at Saints (1-3)
Line: Saints are favoured by 5

Geno Smith is playing better than expected and has a 77.3 percent completion rate. Saints have been losing but almost eked out a win against the Vikings. I’m jumping on the Geno Smith bandwagon and taking the points and the Seahawks.

Seahawks win.
Saints lead the series 9-8-0.

Titans (2-2) at Commanders (1-3)
Line: Titans are favoured by 2.5

The Commanders couldn’t get anything done against the Cowboys. This Carson Wentz thing doesn’t seem to be working. Titans are suddenly winning two in a row; make that three!

Titans win and cover.
Titans lead the series 7-6-0.

49ers (1-2) at Panthers (1-3)
Line: 49ers favoured by 6.5.

The 49ers lead a division where all the teams are 2-2. Garoppolo provides steady play at Quarterback by refraining from turning the ball over. The Niners’ defence is tough to move the ball against. The Panthers are in for a long season and will not win any time soon.

49ers win cover and cover.
Panthers lead the series 13-9-0.

Cowboys 3-1) at Rams (2-2)
Line: Rams are favoured by 5.5

The Rams aren’t exactly blowing anybody out of the park. The 49ers manhandled them. The Cowboys’ defence is going to keep them in every game. It looks like Dak can’t grip the ball. Aaron Donald will feast on Cooper Rush.

Rams win but don’t cover.
Series 18-18-0.

Eagles(4-0) at Cardinals (2-2)
Line: Eagles are favoured by 5.

Eagles are flying high and cruising to a 4-0 record. I thought the Cardinals would be better. Beating the Eagles would bring them a share of first place and respectability. Sounds good, but the Eagles will still be undefeated.

Eagles win and cover.
Cardinals tied 60-56-5.

Bengals(2-2) at Ravens (2-2)
Line: Ravens are favoured by 3.

Just when it looked like the Ravens were going to take the lead against the Bills in the last three minutes. Lamar Jackson throws an interception, and they lose. Bengals are having struggles of their own. Ravens got over their loss and beat the Bengals

Ravens win and cover.
Ravens lead series 27-25-0

Raiders(1-3) vs Chiefs (3-1)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 7.

Raiders finally won a game last week using the ground game with occasional passing. Seemingly Chiefs are playing exciting football but laid an egg against the Colts. I guess they had an off night; it won’t happen again. Chiefs beat their old rival on Primetime.

Chiefs win but don’t cover.
Chiefs lead the series 70-54-2

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