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Pop’s Picks Week 4 : The Jaguars Are For Real!

Only the Dolphins and Eagles remain undefeated, with many teams sporting 2-1 or 1-2 records parity in the NFL seems real. I think that after week IV, no undefeated teams will remain. The 1972 Miami Dolphins can drink their champagne early this season as their perfect season won’t be matched this year.

Pop’s record last Week: 8-8-0 straight-up, and against the spread, is 9-7. Cumulative record: 25-22-1 straight-up and 32-15 against the spread.

Dolphins (3-0) at Bengals (1-2)
Line: Bengals are favoured by 4

Both teams are coming off solid wins. Tua is pretty banged up, but it looks like he will play. The Bengals will have their hands full trying to stop the Dolphins’ offence. After two losses, the Bengals finally won and are starting to find their way. Bengals win.

Bengals win but don’t cover.
Dolphins lead the series 18-7-0.

Vikings (2-1) at Saints (1-2)  
Line: Vikings are favoured by 3.

Early London game on the Tottenham pitch. The Saints are going to be trying to bounce back from a loss. Saints say they’re not thinking of making a quarterback change, but Jameis Winston is playing with a transversal back fracture. The Vikings are going to put together another win.

Vikings win and cover.
Vikings lead the Series 23-13-0.

Bills (2-1) at Ravens(2-1)
Line: Bills are favoured by 3

Bills to see how they measure up to another good team and whether they can rebound from a tough loss. Ravens will also be measuring themselves against a Super Bowl contender. Bills are going to contain Lamar Jackson.

Bills win and cover. 
Ravens lead the series 6-4-0.

Bears at (2-1) at Giants (2-1)
Line: Giants are favoured by 3

The Bears eked out a win against the Texans. The Giants lost but battled the Cowboys to the end. I’m always uneasy picking the Giants when they are favoured or in prime time, but this is a new regime, and maybe some of these old jinxes can finally end.

Giants win but don’t cover.
Bears lead the series 36-24-2.

Browns(2-1) at Falcons (2-1)
Line: Browns favoured by 1.5

The Falcons finally successfully won a road game in a hostile environment. Browns have a great offensive line and an excellent running game; carefully, I’m taking the Browns to win and cover.

Browns win.
Browns lead the series 12-3-0.

Jaguars (2-1) at Eagles (3-0)
Line: Eagles favoured by 6.5

The first-place Jaguars have been impressive in their last two games, soundly defeating their opponents. The Eagles have been soaring. Jaguar coach Doug Peterson will have his team ready to bring the Eagles back to reality. I’m taking the points and the Jaguars.

Jaguars win.
Series tied series 3–13-0.

Chargers (1-2) at Texans (0-2-1)
Line: Chargers are favoured by 4.5

The Texans are playing hard but losing close ones. Justin Hebert was pretty battered, and it was reflected in his performance. Hebert will heal and lead the Chargers to a big win.

Chargers win and cover.
Chargers lead the series 5-3-0.

Jets(1-2) at Steelers (1-2)
Line: Steelers are favoured by 3.5

Jets players yell at their position coach about defensive strategies and losing again. The Steelers couldn’t stop the run. This week Steelers will be able to stop the Jets’ attack.

Steelers win and cover.
Steelers lead Series 20-6-0.

Seahawks(1-2) at Lions 1-2)
Line: Lions by 4.5

The Lions don’t lose easily; Seahawks don’t win easily. Statistically, Geno Smith is having a great year…stats are for losers. Lions are back to biting knees.

Lions win and cover. 
Seahawks lead the series 11-5-0.

Titans 1-2) at Colts (1-1-1)
Line: Colts are favoured by 3.5

The Titans swept the Colts last year. Both teams are off to slow starts; the Colts gained some confidence by beating the Chiefs, and the Titans also won their first game of the season. Neither team is as good as they were predicted to be, but the Colts are better.

Colts win but don’t cover.
Colts lead the series 35-20-0.

Commanders (1-2) at Cowboys (2-1)
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 3.5.

The Commanders appear to be the weakest team in the division….but you never know. The Cowboy defence was very dynamic against the Giants. This game will be close as the Commanders shut down Cooper Rush. The Commanders will do enough on offence to beat the Cowboys. I’m taking the points and the Commanders.

Commanders win but don’t cover.
Cowboys lead the series 75-47-2.

Cardinals (1-2) at Panthers (1-2)
Line: Panthers favoured by 1.5

Sunday at 4:05 PM FOXSomething is not right with the Cardinals; they seem to be regressing. The Panthers aren’t great, but they will play good defence and win.

Panthers win and cover.
Panthers lead the series 14-5-0

Broncos 2-1) at Raiders (0-3)
Line: Raiders are favoured by 2.5

The Raiders are overdue for a win; Broncos have an excellent defence; the Raiders will eventually win but not this Sunday. It will be a low-scoring affair. Taking the points and the Broncos

Broncos win.
Raiders lead Series 69-54-2.

Patriots(1-2) at Packers (2-1)
Line: Packers are favoured by 9.5

It looks like Mac Jones has a high ankle sprain and won’t play. The Patriots would have difficulty beating the Packers with Jones; going to their bench for a quarterback will make it impossible. David Bakhtiari is limited in practice but should play, making the offensive line stronger and the running game more potent. The Packers will run a bit, Rodgers throws a few TD passes to his new receivers, and the Packers ease themselves to another victory.

Packers win and cover.
Series tied 6-6-0.

Chiefs(2-1) at Bucs (2-1)
Sunday 8:20 NBC

Both of the teams are surprisingly coming off losses. The Bucs had trouble scoring and stopping the run. The Chiefs fumbled and bumbled to an uncharacteristic loss against the Colts. I look for the Chiefs to be more disciplined and will win a tight road game.

Chiefs win and cover.
Bucs lead series 8-6-0

Rams(2-1) vs 49ers (1-2)
Line: 49ers are favoured by 2.5

Blocking the talented Ram’s defensive line led by Aaron Donald will be quite a challenge for the 49ers, and the absence of Trent Williams will make it even more difficult. The Niners are having difficulty putting points on the board. Taking the points and the Rams.

Rams win
49ers lead series 75-68-3

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