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Pop’s Picks Week 3 : Upset City here we come!

We just passed the overreaction stage of the season, but some teams that are supposed to be good; better get their acts together soon, particularly the Bengals, Colts, Titans, and Raiders. Week III will also indicate how solid some of the 2-0 teams are…will see!

Pop’s record last Week: Straight-up = 10-6-0 / Spread = 12-4
Season: Straight up = 17-14-1 / Spread is 22-9

Steelers (1-1) at Browns (1-1)
Line: Browns are favoured by 5

Losing a game changer like J.J. Watt is undoubtedly problematic for the Steelers. Last week the Browns threw a game away against the Jets. It is difficult to rebound from that kind of loss that puts the competency of the coaching staff in question. Steelers will defend the run and hand the Browns a loss.
Steelers win.
Steelers lead the series 79-61-1.

Ravens (1-1) at Patriots (1-1)  
Line Ravens are favoured by 3

Ravens allowed 42 points in their Winkless defence. Patriots fought hard to narrowly beat the Steelers. Lamar Jackson will be a little too overwhelming for the Patriots to stop. Ravens win.
Ravens win and cover.
Patriots lead the Series 11-4-0.

Bills(2-0) at Dolphins (2-0)
Line: Bills are favoured by 4.5

Both teams are off to an excellent start; the Bills look unbeatable. The Dolphins returned from the dead against the Ravens. I’m picking the Bills to win, but I’m taking the points.
Bills win but don’t cover
Dolphins lead the series 61-54-1.

Bengals at (0-2) at Jets (1-1)
Line: Bengals are favoured by 4.5

Bengals have Super-Bowl defeat post-depression. The Jets had a surprise victory over the Browns and were full value for the win Bengals will run the ball more efficiently and notch their first win.

Bengals win and cover
Jets lead the series 18-10-0.

Lions(1-1) at Vikings (1-1)
Line: Vikings favoured by 7

Vikings looked pretty bad in losing to the Eagles; conversely, the Lions looked pretty good in beating the Commanders. This game will be close; carefully, I’m taking the Vikings to rebound from their loss and win. They won’t cover. I’m taking the points.
Vikings win but don’t cover.
Vikings lead the series 79-40-2.

Texans (0-1-1) at Bears (1-1)
Line: Bears favoured by 2.5

Texans are playing their opponents very tough. The Bears had an impressive victory against the 49ers and then showed their true colours against the Packers. Pesky Texans will pull an upset. Taking the points and the Texans
Texans win.
Texans lead the series 4–1-0.

Chiefs (2-0) at Colts (0-1-1)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 6.5

Colts replacing a veteran quarterback with another veteran quarterback doesn’t seem to be working. After continuing their losing streak to the Jaguars in Jacksonville, they need to turn things around. It won’t happen this week. The Chiefs continue to roll and win big.
Chiefs win and cover.
Colts lead the series 17-10-0.

Raiders (0-2) at Titans(0-2)
Line: Raiders are favoured by 1

 The Titans got humiliated by the Bills. The Raiders had a twenty-point lead at halftime, but they imploded in the second half. In overtime, while driving into Cardinal territory, the Raiders turned the ball over; the result was a game-ending touchdown. Bad loss for the Raiders. Titans avoid further humiliation and win.                             
Titans win.
Titans lead Series 30-21-0.

Saints(1-1) at Panthers (0-2)
Line: Saints by 1

The Saints are over-ranked, and they still don’t know if they have a franchise quarterback. There is a lot of pressure on Matt Rhule to win. The Panthers have a pretty good defence, and the offence will get on track this week. The Panthers will get their first victory.
Panthers win and cover. 
Saints lead the series 29-26-0.

Eagles (2-0) at Commanders (1-1)
Line: Eagles are favoured by 4

The Eagles are flying very smoothly, easily beating and dominating the sinking Vikings and the rising Lions. The Commanders couldn’t mount a successful comeback against the Lions. I can’t see the Commanders keeping up with the Eagles.
Eagles win and cover.
Redskins lead the series 88-81-5.

Jaguars (1-1) at Chargers (1-1)
Line: Chargers favoured by 7

Jaguars kept their home winning streak alive against the underperforming Colts. A confident Jaguars team is going to LA to meet the Chargers. The Chargers can’t afford to miss this opportunity to get their second win. Chargers win and cover.
Chargers win and cover.
Chargers lead series 9–3-0.

Falcons (0-2) at Seahawks (1-1)
Line: Seahawks are favoured by 2

Falcons were competitive against the Rams but failed to come back and win. The Seahawks are one of those teams that don’t have a quarterback and will pay for the consequences of this decision all season. Carefully I am taking the points and the Falcons.
Falcons win and cover.
Seahawks lead Series 12-8-0.

Packers (1-1) at Bucs (2-0)
Line: Bucs are favoured by 2.5

Packers rebounded from their opener loss and beat their traditional punching bag, the Bears. The Bucs are off to a good start winning against good defences. I am picking the Bucs to win, but I’m taking the points.

The Bucs win but don’t cover.
Packers lead the series 33-23-1.

Rams (1-1) at Cardinals (1-1)
Line: Rams are favoured by 4

Sit back and get ready for a riveting back-and-forth game. Cards won a game they should have lost; Rams walked away with a win against the Falcons in a close match. Cards will fall short this week. I’m picking the Rams to win but taking the points.
Rams win but don’t cover.
Rams lead the series 47-39-2

49ers (1-1) vs Broncos (1-1)
Line: 49ers are favoured by 1.5

 Broncos barely eked a win against the Texans last week. I like the new-old Garapolo-led 49ers. I think they can put more points on the board than the Broncos. I’m taking the points and 49ers.
49ers win.
49ers lead the series 8-7-0.

Cowboys(1-1) vs Giants (2-0)
Line: Giants are favoured by 2.5

The Cowboys have Cooper Rush at QB, but more importantly, they have Mich Parsons leading the defence. The Giants will keep it close and somehow pull off a win. I’m taking the points.

Giants win but don’t cover.
Cowboys lead the series 71-47-2

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