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Pop’s Picks Week 2: Is it Time to Overreact?

Last week, games were decided by blocked extra points, missed field goals and missed opportunities. Injuries to key players like Dak Prescott and JJ Watt will have to be considered in the coming weeks. While I don’t think my picks are an overreaction to Week I, I have noted some outcomes. Have a Great football week!

Pop’s Record
7-8-1 straight-up / 10-5 against spread

Chargers (1-0) at Chiefs (1-0)
Line: Chiefs favoured by 4

For the Chiefs to prove to be the class of the AFC, they must take care of business in their division and beat an old rival. It won’t be easy as fierce warrior Quarterback Justin Hebert leads the Chargers. 

Chiefs win but don’t cover.
Chiefs lead the series 65-58-1.

Panthers (0-1) at Giants (1-0)  
Line: Giants favoured by 2

It feels odd for the Giants to be favoured. It won’t be easy, but the Giants will win the home opener for the first time since 2016. Mayfield improves the Panthers but winning will start later on in the season.

Giants win and cover.
Panthers lead the Series 7-5-0.

Colts(0-0-1) at Jaguars(0-1)
Line: Colts are favoured by 4

While Matt Ryans’s performance last Week wasn’t terrible, and a win would have had Colts fans rejoicing that Carson Wentz was successfully replaced. Not so; the Colts bumbled their way to a tie! Jaguars still have a way to go with their roster to beat a team like the Colts. Colts will win, but I’m taking the points. 

Colts win but don’t cover
Colts lead the series 26-16-0.

Dolphins at (1-0) at Ravens (1-0)
Line: Ravens are favoured by 3.5

Last week, the Ravens had an easy time with the Jets and coasted to an easy win, and the Dolphins continued their recent success against their old nemesis, Patriots. I’m taking the points as the Dolphins will pull off an upset.

Dolphins win.
Ravens lead the series 10-7-0.

Patriots(0-1) at Steelers (1-0)
Line: Patriots favoured by 1.5.

Steeler’s victory was costly as JJ Watt is gone for at least six weeks. Steelers made plays to win, including blocking a go-ahead point after attempt. Patriots Mac Jones ended the game with back spasms, but it looks like he will play. It won’t matter, as it will take the Patriots a few more games to find a win. I’m taking the Steelers to win along with the points.

Steelers win.
Patriots lead the series 17-16-0.

Jets (0-1) at Browns (1-0)
Line: Browns favoured by 6

I am not confident that the Jets can end their tendency to stumble in the face of opportunity: but more importantly, they won’t have an answer for the Browns’ offensive line and the running game. Browns will run the ball a lot, Brissett will make a few key throws, and the Browns should have no trouble getting their second win.

Browns win cover.
Browns lead series 15–13-0.

Bucs (1-0) at Saints (1-0)
Line: Bucs are favoured by 2.5

Last week, the Saints made an unexpected comeback against the Falcons. Last year I lamented that the Saints didn’t have a starting Quarterback on the roster; maybe they do now. The Bucs aren’t the Falcons. The Buccaneers win and cover.

Bucs win and cover.
Saints lead the series 39-22-0.

Falcons (0-1) at Rams(0-1)
Line: Rams are favoured by 10.5

Although the Falcons have improved, they couldn’t hold the lead and win a game even when it’s gift-wrapped. The Rams are coming off an opening day loss to the Bills. The Falcons will prove to be the perfect antidote for the Rams. I’m taking the points, but the Rams will win.

The Rams win but don’t cover.
Rams lead Series 48-30-2.

Commanders(1-0) at Lions 0-1)
Line: Lions by 1.5

Although the Jaguars shot themselves in the foot several times, the Commanders were full value for their win. The Lions lost to the Eagles but never gave up. The Lions will give the Commanders more than they could handle.

Lions win and cover. 
Commanders lead the series 31-15-0.

Seahawks (1-0) at 49ers (0-1)
Line: 49ers are favoured by 9.5.

Geno Smith played an excellent game as he led the Seahawks to an upset victory against the Broncos. The Niners earned their loss with many missed opportunities and played a sloppy game on a sloppy field. The Niners will earn a win in their home opener.

49ers win and cover.
Seattle leads the series 30-17-0.

Cards (0-1) at Raiders (0-1)
Line: Raiders favoured by 5.5

I don’t know what to make of the Cardinals after a bad loss to the Chiefs. The Raiders made a lot of mistakes to facilitate a Chargers victory. Carr will have a better day against the Cardinals leading the Raiders to a close win. 

Raiders win but don’t cover.
Raiders lead the series 6-4-0.

Bengals (0-1) at Cowboys (0-1)
Line: Bengals are favoured by 7.5

The Cowboys won’t have Dak Prescott but still have a game-changer, Micah Parsons. The Cowboy’s defence will have to win this one, but it won’t. Bengals lost last week on a missed field goal, and a blocked the extra point at the end of the game. Cowboys will keep close, but the Bengals will win.

Bengals win but don’t cover.
Cowboys lead Series 9-4-0.

Texans (1-0) at Broncos (0-1)
Line: Broncos are favoured by 10

Broncos discovered new ways to lose against Seattle; the Texans were the beneficiaries of a missed field goal attempt and walked away with a tie. The Broncos will get the first win under new QB Russell Wilson.

Broncos win but don’t cover.
Broncos lead the series 5-3-0.

Bears(1-0) at Packers (0-1)
Line: Packers are favoured by 9.5

The Packers will be bouncing back after their second consecutive opening season loss. The Bears had a good victory last week and may be motivated by the words of Aaron Rodgers claiming that he owns them. It won’t be enough as the Packers win.

Packers win and cover.
Packers lead series 103-95-6

Titans(0-1) vs Bills (1-0)
Line: Bills are favoured by 10 

The Titans will try to atone for last week’s loss. The Bills will bottle up Derrick Henry and force Tannehill’s hand. The Bills will continue to roll and ply up points. 

Bills will win and cover.
Titans lead the series 30-19-0.

Vikings(1-0) vs Eagles (1-0)
Line: Eagles are favoured by 2.5

This week’s challenge for the Eagles will be more significant as the Vikings’ offensive playmakers put the Eagles’ defence to the test. I’m taking the points and the home dog Vikings.

Vikings win.
Vikings lead the series 15-14-0.

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