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Pop’s Picks Week 1: Just Cover Baby!

Week I Notes
The wait is over; the 2022 season is finally here. I think this will be the year of teams that are supposed to do well and won’t, and teams will be coming out of nowhere to make noise. There will be upsets; I’m picking the Lions to beat the Eagles. 
Have a Great week of football!
Bills (11-6) at Rams (12-5) 
Line: Rams are favoured by 2.5.
The last time these teams met was in the 2020 season, and the Bills won; much has changed for both teams. It’s time for the Rams to defend their Super-bowl title and lure their fans to the promised land of a repeat. The Bills are the new kids on the block who feel good about their Super Bowl chances.
Bills win.
Bills lead the series 8-5-0.
Saints (9-8) at Falcons (7-10)  
Line: Saints are favoured by 5.5.
All of last year, I lamented that the Saints didn’t have a quarterback; now Jameis Winston is going to be starting, will see if he is. The Falcons are an up-and-coming team have improved themselves with the draft in the past few years. Quarterback Mariota adds an exciting component to the offence, making the other players more dangerous.
Falcons win.
Falcons lead Series 54-52-0.
Browns (8-9) at Panthers (5-12)
Line: Panthers are favoured by 1.5.
Is this when Baker Mayfield gets his revenge on the Browns? Mayfield talking is billboard material and will give the Browns an extra incentive to play harder against him. Baker is never dull, but the Browns will have the last word this time.
Browns win.
Panthers lead the series 4-2-0.
49ers at (10-7) at Bears(6-11) 
Line: 49ers are favoured by 7
Both teams have new QBs, but which one is better? The Niners have a much better team. While Justin Fields brings optimism and excitement, the Bears have a way to go before they can beat a team of this calibre.
49ers win and cover.
49ers lead series 35-32-1.
Ravens(8-9) at Jets (4-13)
Line: Ravens favoured by 7.5.
Jets are better this year. Back-up Quarterback Joe Flacco is facing a team he led to the Super Bowl and won. Is everything good with Lamar, or is there something we don’t know? Regardless the Ravens will have too strong for the Jets.
Ravens win and cover.
Ravens lead the series 5-2-0.
Colts (9-8) at Texans (4-13)
Line: Colts favoured by 8
Are the Texans improved and up to the task of actually beating someone, or will they slip into their old losing ways? Colts are improved with Matt Ryan and will win this one.
Colts win don’t cover.
Colts lead the series 32–9-0.
Jaguars (3-14) at Commanders (7-10)
Line: Commanders are favoured by 3.
The Jaguars have a franchise QB that could win a game here and there, and the Redskins have a QB who won a Super Bowl but has been far from a franchise QB since. I am going with Jags and Trevor Lawerence.
Jaguars win but don’t cover.
Commanders lead series 6-1-0.
Patriots (9-8) at Dolphins(10-7)
Line: Dolphins are favoured by 2.5.
Is the old order in for a change in the AFC east? Is it time for the Dolphins? They seem to be loaded and unstoppable on paper. That’s on paper, but is there enough on the team to defeat the Patriots?
Dolphins win and cover.
Patriots lead Series 59-54-0.
Eagles (9-8) at Lions (3-13-1)
Line: Eagles favoured by 4.
The Lions tried to roar and bite kneecaps last year. The Eagles have done an excellent job rebuilding, especially in the trenches. The Lions played hard last year and were competitive in every game. Lions will start the season with a surprising home win.
Lions win. 
Eagles lead the series 17-16-2.
Steelers (9-7-1) at Bengals (10-7)
Line: Bengals are favoured by 6.
Was last year’s 10-7 record bringing the Bengals to the Super Bowl a fluke? Are the Steelers going with recycled Mitch Trubinsky or Kenny Pickett? It won’t matter as the Bengals win and cover.
Bengals win and cover.
Steelers lead the series 67-38-0.
Packers (13-4) at Vikings (8-9)
Line: Packers favoured by 2.5.
The Vikings brought in a new General Manager and coaching staff with a new way of doing things, but, they’re sticking with Kirk Cousins. Last year the Packers were caught off guard by the Saints and lost their opening game. It won’t happen again.
Packers win and cover.
Packers lead the series 64-56-3.
Chiefs (12-5) at Cards (11-6)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 3.
Are the Cards comfortable with Kyler Murray after signing him to a pretty sizable contract? Strangely, they wanted to put in a clause in his contract about homework. Chiefs have something to prove as they underperformed last year when it counted. Will the departure of Tyreek Hill impact them? Maybe, but they’ll win this one.
Chiefs win and cover.
Chiefs lead Series 9-3-1.
Raiders (10-7) at Chargers (9-8)
Line: Chargers are favoured by 3.5
It seems that the Vegas money is favouring the hometown Raiders. A hometown bias, a maybe. The Chargers were a good team that didn’t make the playoffs last year. I think Justin Hebert will lead his team to a fast start; they’ll win this one as the new Raiders coaching staff is still re-tooling after a few years of bad drafting. Chargers win.
Raiders lead the series 67-56-2.
Giants(4-13) at Titans (12-5)
Line: Titans are favoured by 6.
This is a game that every Titan fan knows their team should win. In the Titan DNA, there is a trace of losing games that they were sure to win; this is one of them. On the other hand, I am not sure the Giants can snatch a victory when it’s handed to them.
Giants win. Series tied 12-12-0.
Bucs(13-4) vs Cowboys (12-5)
Line: Bucs are favoured by 1. 
Tom Brady is back on the team after a training camp hiatus and is ready to pursue another Super Bowl. How sweet would it be for the Cowboys to beat the Bucs and Brady? 
Cowboys win.
Cowboys lead the series 15-5-0.
Broncos(7-10) vs Seahawks (7-10)
Line: Broncos are favoured by 3.
Russell Wilson will be facing the former team that traded him, and his counterpart will be journeyman QB, Geno Smith. Easy pick for me. Wilson will lead the Broncos to victory.
Broncos win.
Broncos lead the series 35-21-0.

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