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AEW Dynamite Preview: First Ever Barbed Wire Everywhere Match!

The second week of Fyter Fest is headlined by the wild main event of the Barbed Wire Everywhere match between Eddie Kingston and “the painmaker” Chris Jericho. I’ve seen barbed wire matches in the past, and they can go wrong quickly…so hopefully nothing goes south on this episode. We also have Christian Cage teaming with Luchasaurus for the first time, BCC will be in action, and a huge match up between Darby Allin and Brody King!

Eddie Kingston vs Chris Jericho – Barbed Wire Everywhere Match

This is going to be an absolutely BRUTAL match. One of the most dangerous thing you can do in professional wrestling is introduce barbed wire into the fold. Now everything will be barbed wired…just how dangerous will this be?

If there was ever a feud in AEW that called for this match, and that could one up the Blood and Guts match, it’s this one. Eddie Kingston has been hunting Chris Jericho for months now, and I think this is the perfect match for Kingston to get his revenge. I think and hope that Eddie Kingston gets the win here, as Chris Jericho has nothing more to prove. A win for Kingston would be huge for him.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that the rest of the JAS will be suspended above the ring in a shark cage. Just a fun note, that I really don’t know how to expand on…Go Kingston!

Darby Allin vs Brodie King

AEW often gets criticized for have a lot of content and angles off of TV. The start of this feud had another one of these examples, when Brodie King attacked Darby Allin at an autograph signing. However, AEW made sure to show the angle on TV, so fans know what and why this started.

Stylistically, this match up has “ouch” written all over it for Darby Allin. Brodie King is going to throw Darby all around this ring, and if Darby wants to win this one, he needs to play to his strengths, but quick, and he could pull it off. This one is a toss up to me, because I think the big match will be a trios match down the line between the House of Black and Sting, Darby and Miro.

On this episode, we have two other announced matches so far. Jon Moxley and Wheeler Yuta are taking on Best Friends, and Christian Cage and Luchasaurus are teaming for the first time as a tag team. They be facing the Varsity Blondes.

All this and so much more can be seen on TBS (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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