Why Are Fighters Scared Of Jake Paul? Including His Brother Logan.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is officially off. After long talks and a passionate video from the younger Fury about how he is ready and willing to fight anytime anywhere. Going on about how he, Fury, has done everything in his power to get ready for the fight but issues at the embassy didn’t allow him to fly to the US to face off against Jak Paul. Something is fishy to me… since Fury has fought in the US before. Which begs the question: Why are some fighters scared to box Jake Paul? Logan vs Jake is undeniable as he mentions on the Flagrant Pod with Andrew Schultz.

Nobody will deny that Jake Paul is the just the loud annoying guy in the park that wants attention. But, as you get closer, you start to listen to what the crazy man is saying. You start to wonder, what can this person be so passionate about ? Jake Paul has been yelling from the rooftops that fighters are scared to fight him. He’s officially right. Not saying that Tommy is scared because I, or anyone not in his camp for that matter, do not know what his situation is. But the fact that the only people willing to take the pay day from the YouTuber were one legitimate boxing contender in a 40 year old UFC champ, a basketball player, another YouTuber and a 37 year old wrestler.

Somehow Jake has convinced everyone that he is the “Bad Boy of Boxing” (Self-given nickname). The undefeated boxer… yes… boxer. He is a boxer. He has KOd two MMA fighters and seems to be one of the only BOXERS to be offering big money to fighters that wouldn’t be close to making that much in their careers let alone one fight. Is Paul at the Canelo/Conor/Mayweather level of needle pushers? No. But he is offering large sums of money to fight guys like Dillon Danis, Tommy Fury, Conor Mcgregor and Nate Diaz, to name a few. Jake is becoming the A-Side. Jake even upped the ante when he offered his services to fight Nate Diaz, in MMA, in the Octagon and for FREE. Only under the condition that the minimum fighter pay goes up to 50k/fight and that each fighter has healthcare. Big balls move by Jake Paul to call out the genius marketing machine of Dana White and the UFC.

Now we have an undefeated boxer that is “willing” to fight and he suddenly pulls out and goes silent. Following the storyline was very hard to watch because you want Fury to show up. No matter what anyone says, the crowd is mostly rooting for whoever Paul is fighting. We would’ve loved for Woodley to KO Paul the first time they fought, but that did not happen. What happened next was what started to give Paul the respect he was looking for. Jake started to KO real athletes and fighters. He’s now earned the respect from legendary boxer Mike Tyson. Jake says that he can KO Mike. Just by saying that, some losers are mad and get angry at the idea that “A YouTuber” can KO Tyson.

Paul is scheduled to fight Hasim Rahman Jr. on August 6th at Madison Square Garden. The 31 year old orthodox boxer is the son of former World Heavyweight Champion Hasim Rahman, the man that defeated Lennox Lewis. Hasim Rahman Jr. on the other hand, is 12-0 with six KOs on his record. Not the most exciting fight but it’s definitely a good opportunity for Rahman Jr. to get the pay day he wouldn’t get otherwise.

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