The Cans Begin! Barry Trotz Seeks A New Team, Leafs Are Interested LOL

The season isn’t even over and the Islanders decided to move on from Barry Trotz. Trotz was instrumental in the success that the boys from Long Island have had in recent years but not making the playoffs one year after being one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals and losing to the eventual champion Tamp Bay Lightning, the no-neck/defensive bench boss is now a free agent. He’s not the only one that was let go of his duties, but Pierre McGuire was let go from his post as Senior Vice President of Player Development.

Of course, Toronto media has already jumped on the take and are linking Trotz to the Leafs. How do you link a team to a coach when they’re tied 2-2 in a seven game series against the back to back champ? You work for Toronto media or you don’t have a clue. I must admit that the idea of Trotz in Toronto makes sense but let’s just wait to see if the Leafs can make a run here. Kyle Dubas will do anything to save his job and Sheldon Keefe is fighting for his job against the best roster in the 21st century. Trotz would definitely improve the Leafs but the season isn’t over. This is how teams lose in the playoffs, outside distraction. As a Habs fan, I would want nothing less than to see the Leafs fail in the first round again but it would be fun to see what that roster can do.

Trotz in TO would be a very different scene. There would definitely be some changes on D but if he can turn the team into a shut down roster while having Nylander, Matthews and Marner up front there’s no telling the success they can have. In the meantime, Keefe is the coach and he’s doing a good job. Dubas should be worried about his job. The lack of depth on D and in between the pipes is astonishing. Not going after Fleury at the deadline was even crazier.

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