4/20 Weed

Most Iconic 4/20 Friendly Athletes Of All Time

The amount of celebrations we have is ridiculous. It’s horoscope Day. It’s Horoscope Appreciation Day. It’s ex-mother-in-law day. It’s Anal Thursdays. None of these matter, except for Anal Thursdays, that matters. 4/20 has been it’s own day since I can remember and it’s a tradition where the world can unite as one in their recreational, and legal in most parts of North America, drug habits. Here is a list of the most iconic 4/20 athletes of all time.

The Diaz Brothers – Nate and Nick

Nick Diaz was suspended for five years from fighting after testing positive for marijuana. A steroid suspension gets a less harsh of a penalty. The suspension was eventually lifted but Nick became the face of cannabis in combat sports. Fast forward to his little brother Nate smoking a CBD pen at a post-fight press conference that triggered a series of CBD companies and the public support of using CBD and THC as therapy and helped remove the stigma that cannabis somehow a harmful drug. Two brother from Stockton, CA changed the way an entire sport thought of weed.

Ricky Williams

From Heisman Trophy winner to leading the NFL in rushing to being one of the biggest pro-cannabis spokesperson in the world. Williams has even gone against dictator Roger Goodell and the NFL for their stance on medical cannabis use versus prescription opioids on the approved list of the NFL. Naturally, Williams has become a licensed yoga instructor and a vegan. This guy is one of the most interesting people to ever play football.

Calvin Johnson

The Pro Football Hall of Famer and one of the best receivers of all time Calvin Johnson revealed that he used to smoke weed after every game to help with his recovery. He is a super athlete and a freak of nature. He now owns his own Marijuana business “Primitiv”.

Mike Tyson

The man. The myth. The legend. Mike Tyson has a podcast called Hot Boxin’ where he literally smoked weed and talks to interesting, like minded people. Tyson also has his own cannabis company as well. Tyson says that weed saved his life and keeps him grounded.

Joe Rogan

I guess he’s not a professional athlete but he’s an athlete that is heavily involved in the biggest combat sports league in the world. He’s also someone that has a healthy relationship with cannabis and has been promoting the benefits to millions of people a week on The Joe Rogan Experience.

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