Eugenie Bouchard Dates A Guy Off Twitter And Makes Movie About It

This week on Pardon My Take Guest, Genie Bouchard describes a story where she responded to a date request on Twitter while watching Super Bowl 51. It seemed that Bouchard wasn’t too confident in Tom Brady’s ability to win the Super Bowl so the Tennis star went to twitter. Low and behold, the internet does what the internet does best. It brought two people, that would never have met in any normal circumstance, together.

John Goerhke is an average dude that likes Twitter and golf (my kinda guy). He saw an opportunity and he took it. We can all learn a thing or two from guys like John Goerhke. You see a shot, you take it. Just shy of 6k followers on Twitter, Goerhke stole the heart of one the most famous tennis stars in the world and now they’re making a movie about it.

Nobody believes that this guy had a chance a real relationship with Genie but we all wanted him to. A modern day David vs Goliath. David being a young man’s libido and Goliath being all these IG and Twitter celebrities.

This movie will definitely be the cheesiest movie of all time. Guys, do yourselves a favor and get ahead of this. Suggest it now so it’s your idea for the movie whenever it comes out.

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