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AEW Dynamite Preview: Coffin Match Main Event!

Another Wednesday, another big AEW Dynamite coming up. Dynamite this week will be from Pittsburgh so we’ll be getting a Britt Baker match and I’m sure she’ll be getting a huge ovation. Her match will be a Owen Hart Tournament qualifier on the Women’s side, and we’ll also have a qualifier for the men’s tournament as well. MJF has hired help to hopefully take out Wardlow, Dustin Rhodes has had a dream match of his accepted, and of course, the main event of the coffin match.

Darby Allin vs Andrade El Idolo – Coffin Match

The Coffin Match is a very different style of match compared to all others. No pinfall, no submission, no disqualifications…The only way to win is to lock your opponent in a coffin and close the lid. It’s a wild concept when you think about it, but hey, that’s pro wrestling. This will be Andrade El Idolo’s first time in a Coffin Match, but Darby Allin has already competed, and won the only other Coffin Match in AEW.

It’s clear that Darby and Andrade can put on a good match together, and we saw that when they fought a couple weeks ago. I’m sure there will be all kinds of wild things to compliment the in-ring skill from these two guys.

The Coffin Match is kind of Darby Allin’s staple in AEW, so I hope he gets the win here, And like I mentioned last time these two guys fought, I want each stable to go their separate ways after this match.

Wardlow vs The Butcher

This story between MJF and Wardlow has bee fantastic so far. It’s so simple, yet being executed so perfectly. By the time that MJF and Wardlow finally have a match, the crowd will be dying for Wardlow to crush MJF.

In the meantime, MJF has hired the help of the Butcher to try and take out Wardlow. It’ll be two big boys colliding in the ring, but you can only see one winner here, and that will be Wardlow. And you can be sure MJF will be present during this match, but just out of range from Wardlow.

Jungle Boy vs Kyle O’Reilly – Owen Hart Tournament Qualifier

This is a very cool match to dropped out of nowhere. Even though these to guys mostly compete in tag team competition, they are both capable of great singles matches. And this should be a very good match.

This is also a very cool way to continue the tag feud that reDragon have going on with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. I think that the Owen would be a good way to showcase one of AEW’s young talents like Jungle Boy, but it would be tough for Kyle O’Reilly to take back-to-back losses so quickly. But if I had to choose, I would go with Jungle Boy here.

We also have two other announced matches for this week’s show. Like covered in the intro, Britt Baker will be taking on Danielle Kamela in the Owen Hart Qualifier, we’ll be getting the Dynamite debut for Hook, and Dustin Rhodes will face off with CM Punk.

All this and so much more can be seen on TBS (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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