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Jake Paul Calls Out Retired Fighters and a Rugby Player

Jake Paul announced his Hit List again and the list won’t shock you. Jake Paul’s list pre Tyron Woodley looks a lot different today. Previously, Paul named; the Diaz brothers, Canelo, Conor Mcgregor, Kamaru Usman and even his own brother Logan were amongst his hit list from 2021. 2022 and two wins over Tyron Woodle, Paul’s vision has narrowed down a bit and has become more specific. He went after retired fighters but not so far fetched. That’s the genius of the undefeated Socialite/Boxer/YouTuber, all his callouts are somewhat if not very realistic.

Floy Mayweather, Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Sonny Williams, Oscar De La Hoya and Tommy Fury. Paul was on with Teddy Atlas where he listed his six man hit list.

“I’m looking for someone who can match my star power.” – Paul Said. Paul has the world waiting for him to announce who’s ballsy enough to risk their fighting credentials and credibility vs a YouTuber. Rest assured hat Paul has improved every time he’s showcased his skill set, he has power and drive. The former Disney star plays it very smart. Every fighter he’s gone up against has been a perfect matchup for him. First fight was against a fellow YouTuber, then he KOs a professional basketball player, bring in Ben Askren who is the only MMA world champion that can box. AT 3-0 he called out the most game fighter he can find, a 40 yr Tyron Woodley. Paul won by decision and by KO. Both results shocked everyone and gave the now pro boxer more credibility.

Paul’s next opponent, like all his previous opponents will be selected very carefully. Bisping came out in defense of his honour after hearing that he was named. Bisping is bad matchup for Jake, because of skillset and the fact that the former world champion is recently retired, has one eye and no interest in fighting. Floyd and De La Hoya, albeit realistic, will have to wait. Jake knows that if he can win a fight versus respected fighters like Silva who has become a boxer after his MMA career or with Tommy Fury, a 6-0 pro boxer. Silva is fresh off two wins against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Tito Ortiz.

It doesn’t matter who Paul fights, we’ll be talking about it. Also, we’ll see Paul fight in MMA very shortly.

My Paul Hit list in order, assuming he wins:

1- Tommy Fury : 6-0

2- Anderson Silva: (Boxing: 3-1) (MMA:34-11)

3- Conor Mcgregor: (Boxing 0-1) (MMA:22-6)

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