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2022 Best and Worst April Fool’s Jokes In Sports

It’s April 2nd is the best day of the year. Why? because we don’t have to see these dumb April Fools Jokes anymore. April Fools used to be a great tradition. Some will pretend their spitting blood in front of their parents, some will convince people that they gave them herpes or there are some people that even pretend to be pregnant. Crazy right? NO! Because those are harmless. The harm that this tarnished tradition is doing is that it gives celebrities and athletes the opportunity to be human and they all fail miserably.

The point of an April Fool’s joke is to be believable. But when Lebron James tweets that he’s done for the season on the most obvious day of the year at 1:09PM. This is classic Lebron, he sees other people getting attention and he wanted his share.

This one by the Tennessee Volunteers Football shouldn’t have worked but Americans are so sensitive about their college football teams that some actually called for the firing of Offensive Coordinator Alex Golesh. SO maybe it was good but now we exposed how idiotic the Tennessee fanbase is.

Julian Edelman tries and failed. But the difference is that Edelman gets it, he knows what makes people go nuts. When he tweeted that he was signing in Tampa, everyone laughed because it’s funny. This was juts a good joke but too cheese even for April Fools.

FIBA was the ultimate winner this year. Releasing rule changes such as: 0.5 assists for a secondary assist, playing H-O-R-S-E instead of OT or even replacing names on jerseys with Instagram Handles. SOme of them were cheesy but nevertheless, it got us talking about them.

Recap: FIBA win April Fools 2022. Lebron loses just because he looks for attention and fails to be relatable. Nice try Edelman. Honorable mention to the Buffalo Bills, those jerseys weren’t bad.

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