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Why Duke Can’t Win The National Championship

Growing up Duke was a powerhouse, they strived for and accomplished so much. Mike Krzyzewski, which somehow is pronounced Shih-ZHEF-skee, has been the reason why Duke has been so successful since he took over as Head Coach in 1980. The Blue Devils, under Coach K has won five National Titles, three Coach of the Year awards and fifteen ACC Conference titles. Coach K is a legend, there’s no doubt but he is one of the most cheesy, attention seeking humans that we’ve ever seen. Reminds me of Lebron James asking for respect while being considered one of, if not the best, of all time; or Baker Mayfield complaining that the media talks about him too much and then asks why they don’t give him more respect for not having the success he was expected to have. Coach K loves attention and because of all his success Duke fans have become more obnoxious than ever.

University of North Carolina did the unthinkable as a heavy underdogs on March 5th of this year. UNC came to Cameron Indoor Stadium in front of the Cameron Crazes and dominated with ten minutes left in the game to win 94-81 and spoil the last game that Coach K will ever coach at Cameron ever. After the game, controversy erupted as video shows Duke coaches snubbing UNC HC Hubert Davis in the handshake line. Was this intentional? Yes. Did Coach K orchestrate it? Maybe. Most Likely. Probably.

Coach K is doing a victory lap of his career while Paolo Banchero lead the Blue Devils to the Final Four against #8 UNC that has been playing great basketball this March. This matchup is for the ages and the ultimate final game for Coach K. Duke and UNC have never faced off in the National Championship, surprisingly. These two pillars in college basketball, that are just 10 miles away from each other, have faced off 257 times before Saturday’s Semifinal matchup. UNC lead the series 142-115 while Coach K has accumulated 101 tournament wins.

Hubert Davis and the Tar Heels are THE fun team to watch. This Saturday Duke vs UNC will be the most televised game in the tournament, including the Final. One of the biggest rivalries. Tournament heart throb Brady Manek and balls of steel Caleb Love would love nothing less than to end the era on a loss.

Duke basketball has become one of the most hated programs in the country while developing some of the most hated pro players. Kyrie Irvin and Christian Laettner combined are two of the most hated duo from Duke. Growing up, I liked Duke but as I grew older I became tired of the holier than now Coach K and his Cameron Cronies. I remember my History of Soviet Russia professor telling me she taught a lot of basketball players while she was at Duke. She told me that the players are for the most part, smart and very polite students. I guess they have to be to get their grades bumped while Coach K acts like education is more important than basketball.

I would like to sincerely apologize to Coach K and the Blue Devils in advance for my tweets of aggression on Saturday. I won’t be alone, I will be accompanied by thousands of people that would love to see Duke crash on Coach K’s final game. Thank You Coach K! Your career has been nothing but outstanding. Coach K has developed some of the best players in the world. Kyrie, Zion, RJ, Laettner, Battier and Boozer to name a few.

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