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Jorge Masvidal Just Lost A Lot Of Respect. Charged With Assault

It’s safe to say that a majority of the MMA community would love to have seen Jorge Masvidal slap around Colby Covington in the Octagon, but that didn’t happen. Then when Masvidal released a video looking like he was bragging about some sort of vengeance, the internet exploded. We all wanted to see the video but the method that Masvidal chose for his vengeance did not allow for a video. He was stealthy, cowardly and not discreet.

Monday March 21st at 11:12PM this tweet was sent out. Immediately the world waited for any video of this happening. Covington and Masvidal fought on March 5th for 25 minutes where Colby used his superior wrestling skills to dominate Gamebred Masvidal and ultimately get the win. The fight itself had a lot of hype because of the hate these two elite athletes have for each other. Colby has built himself into quite the character and the persona has no limits. Colby attacked Jorge’s kids and family and you can tell that it struck a nerve for the Miami native Masvidal. Colby winning the fight claimed that he is the King of Miami (not real thing).

On Monday night Colby was out for dinner with Bob Menery and the Nelk boys. Jorge then decided to get to into a car and drive down to Papi Steak in Miami to confront his mortal enemy. Jorge “allegedly” showed up in a hood with a surgical mask and creeped up on Colby, gave him a two piece and kambucha and was pulled off.

Normally we would love the story of a father defending the honor of his family, like we did with Cain Velasquez. The world also understands that these fighters are in a unique situation where they get paid to settle rivalries and beefs. Masvidal had 25 minutes to get his revenge and didn’t. He lost. Not only did he lose, but he lost to his ex-teammate, ex-bestfriend and the one guy that has talked about Jorge’s kids. Jorge had enough and claimed that he was defending his kids when realistically, he was protecting his own ego. Jorge was, as we like to say… butt hurt.

Bob Menery came out and tweeted that he was disappointed with Jorge as a fighter, and realistically the majority of fans that wanted to see Jorge whoop Colby’s ass was disappointed as well. Plenty of fighters came out in disapproval of what Masival did. He still had the respect of the world for going in there to fight, something not many people would have the guts to do. Jorge is one of the roster and losing to Colby doesn’t change that.

Side note, Colby calling the cops after saying he’s the real gangster between the two middleweights is very funny. Colby, the clean cut wrestler from Oregon is not a gangster and far from it. Colby gets the last laugh now that charges have been pressed on Masvidal for the assault. If Jorge is charged with a felony assault and goes to jail would be the biggest win Colby could ask for.

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