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Kevin Holland Takes Down Gunman In Houston Restaurant

On Monday Night Police responded to a call of a gunman at Ra Sushi in Houston, Texas. The restaurant was full with roughly 40-50 people when the shooter came in and fired his gun. Three men rushed the shooter and subdued him until the cops arrived.

The shooter walked into Ra Sushi fired off one shot and was immediately attacked by Patrick Robinson and his friend. Luckily, Robinson and his friend are trained in Mixed Martial Arts. UFC Fighter Kevin Holland is one of the three men that took down the shooter.

“We were eating, and the next thing you know, a gunshot just popped off. So everything paused and then everybody started running to get down under a table,” said Patrick Robinson, one of the people who stopped the shooter.

This is not the first time where Holland played superhero. IN October 2021, Holland was involved in a chase with a car thief. Here is the article on Holland’s debut as a superhero.

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