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AEW Dynamite Preview: Texas Death match for World Championship!

On last week’s Dynamite, we got an absolutely fantastic main event between MJF and CM Punk. MJF got the massive win in Punk’s home town, and on this week’s Dynamite we’ll hear from Max as I’m sure he’ll have plenty to say about his big win. We also have Chris Jericho calling a mandatory team meeting, a “Face of the Revolution Ladder Match” qualifier between a member of Private Party and a debuting wrestler, and of course the big Texas Death match for the AEW championship.

Hangman Page (C) vs Lance Archer – Texas Death Match for AEW Championship

It didn’t take long after Hangman Page beat Brian Danielson for him to have his next opponent. He came out and before he could really say anything, he was cut off by Dan Lambert. At the time, it didn’t make much sense, because the guys Lambert is associated with, Eithan Page and Scorpio Sky didn’t have enough momentum to put them in contention for a title shot. It would all make sense soon when it was the returning Lance Archer who came back a put a beatdown on Hangman.

Because of Hangman’s “never backdown from a fight” character, this immediately gave us a short title feud. The build up for this title match has been basically a couple of brawls here and there, because both these guys do most of their talking with their fist. I do hope that changes for Hangman going forward, as I think his title run can really be elevated by more high-profile segments.

This is going to be a war, plain and simple. Expect a ton of weapon spots, hard-hitting offense, and probably some blood. I expect Hangman to come out of the match bloody, but victorious. Which could then lead us to an interesting program, as Adam Cole has claimed to be next in line for the title.

Isiah Cassidy vs Mystery Opponent – Ladder Match Qualifier

This is a match to certainly keep an eye on for this week’s Dynamite. Isiah Cassidy had a really good showing on last week’s Rampage, where he did ultimately come up short in his bid to win the TNT title, but had such a good match that AEW President, Tony Khan, thinks he deserve another shot.

His opponent, however, is getting all the headlines, because AEW haven’t announced who it is yet. With the amount of free agent talent in the wrestling game, and Khan’s take on the “forbidden door”, this could literally be anyone. The possibilities are limitless, and I’m really excited to see who it could be. At this point, I’m hoping that it’s fan favourite Keith Lee, as he is someone with amazing potential and was really under utilized in the WWE.

At the time of writing this, there is actually more segments announced than matches. I’m sure we’ll have a women’s match announced either after Elevation or Dark, but we’ll see that at a later date. We have Chris Jericho who has called for an Inner Circle team meeting, as the Inner Circle look like they haven’t been on the same page for a while now, could we see the faction disband? Tony Khan has a “huge announcement” And like I mentioned earlier, MJF will have the microphone to talk about how he beat CM Punk in his hometown. MJF did use the diamond ring to knock out Punk, so something tells me that feud is far from over.

All this and so much more can be seen on TBS (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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