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AEW Dynamite Preview: Beach Break!

Last week’s Dynamite was jam-packed with matches, storyline continuity, debuts and more. And in typical AEW fashion, we’re not getting a break, as they keep on dishing out the goods. This week is the annual Beach Break episode of Dynamite, and we already have a ton announced. We have a ladder match to determine the undisputed TNT champion, a big 6-man tag, a singles match between two friends turned foe, and members from the Elite and Best Friends go head-to-head in an unsanctioned, lights out match.

Cody Rhodes (C) vs Sammy Guevara (C) – TNT Title Ladder Match

Cody Rhodes’ current character is one of the most talked about personas in all of professional wrestling. Whether he is a delusional heel, or just trying really hard to get over as a babyface, whatever the case may be, I can’t wait to see what he does next. He recently returned from a Covid-related absence, where he took shots at everyone, but then also put out a ladder match challenge to interim TNT Champ Sammy Guevara. Guevara accepted that offer, and here we are.

Sammy Guevara lost the TNT champion to Cody on the Christmas edition of Rampage, and was scheduled to have a rematch for the title at Battle of the Belts, but that never happened. It was the aforementioned Covid-related absence that caused Cody to miss that event, but a TNT title match still took place. It was Cody’s brother Dustin Rhodes who stepped up for a shot at Guevara and the interim TNT championship. Sammy would come out victorious in a very entertaining match, and set up this title vs title match.

The ladder match stipulation is a little out of the blue, but Cody is a huge fan of older historical wrestling moments. I’m sure he’s thinking of the WWF intercontinental title vs title match that had Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon. I personally think that the ladder match stipulation benefits the style of Guevara more than Rhodes, but with Cody you never know. I think that the contract situation with Cody is more a work than we think, and Rhodes will win this match.

Adam Cole vs Orange Cassidy – Lights Out Match

I’ve really enjoy the way that AEW use the lights out match stipulation. It gives the fans a spectacle that isn’t normally seen on cable TV, and the fact that it’s unsanctioned, always gives the heel ultimate protection in losing, because the match doesn’t officially count. And I think that’s the exact outcome we’re going to have for this match.

It was a nice touch to have Orange Cassidy accidentally knocked Britt Baker off the ring through a table, because even though Adam Cole and Baker won, it gives Cole reason to challenge OC again. The past lights out matches have been incredible, and I expect these two to continue that trend.

In what is hopefully the last chapter of the Cole vs Cassidy (I’ve really enjoyed it, I just want them both to go in separate directions now), I think that Orange will get the win. Like I previously mentioned, Cole is undefeated in singles competition, and a loss here wouldn’t change that as the match doesn’t count. And I think Cole would be really funny in pretending the match never took place if he does lose.

Chris Jericho, Santana & Ortiz vs Daniel Garcia & 2point0

This is another match that after the outcome of the match, I hope both these teams go their separate ways. Daniel Garcia and 2point0 have been the thorn in many babyfaces’ sides since the trio made their debuts. Their focus for the past few weeks has been Inner Circle and Eddie Kingston. With Eddie Kingston out due to injury, we’ll have the trios team of Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz stepping out to try and exact revenge on Garcia and 2point0.

There’s an interesting story taking place between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kinston, with Santana and Ortiz caught in the middle. A LOT of people think that Santana and Ortiz have been misused in the Inner Circle, and have been stuck fighting for Jericho, rather than focusing on the tag team titles. I hope that this story is going to result in a Jericho/ Kingston feud, and Santana and Ortiz leaving Inner Circle to join Eddie Kingston.

This is kind of fantasy booking/ my prediction for this match, and that is Garcia and 2point0 win, with Jericho accidentally hitting one of his partner for the win. It would further cement the breakup, and be more fuel for Eddie Kingston when he returns.

We also have a singles match between Leyla Hirsch and Red Velvet, after Hirsch attacked both Velvet and Kris Statlander last week. And we also have two scheduled segments to hear from CM Punk and women’s champion DR. Britt Baker D.M.D

All this and so much more can be seen on TBS (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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