Cowboys Fans Should Be Embarrassed

The Cowboys 2021-22 campaign comes to an end with an embarrassing loss to the San Francisco 49ers 23-17. This longtime Cowboys fan can admit that he was very optimistic about this coming season but of course the boys in “Big D” come up short again. Cowboys fans should be embarrassed for a multitude of reason but here are the main ones.

Do not throw shit to the players, do not throw shit to the refs. Act accordingly and verbally abuse them, respectfully of course. The Cowboys not only lost on home soil but they beat themselves on the home field. Fourteen penalties will never happen on a winning team. The Cowboys Defense that played so well throughout the season with potential Defensive Player of the Year in Travon Diggs and the more than likely winner of the Defensive Rookie of the Year in Micah Parsons. Ezekiel Elliott with just 31 yards rushing behind one of the best and most experienced offensive lines in the league. How can Zeke, who is considered to be one of the best running backs in the last 10 years, can only accumulate 31 yards rushing with longest being nine yards?

Dak Prescott was an early candidate for MVP and after his injury, he slowed down. Dak still played well for the remainder of the season but Sunday, January 16th was not his night. Dak completed just 53% of his passes and threw for 254 yards with one TD in the air and one on the ground. Dak wa having a decent game, but incomplete passes and miscommunication ruined the fluidity of that offense. Michael Gallup going down last week with a torn ACL could’ve made the difference. He is a drastically better option than Cedirc Wilson. That’s not a shot at Wilson, it’s more praise for Gallup. He was a big piece and a security blanket for Dak. Late in the fourth quarter, Dak threw a deep ball to Wilson that he dropped. Something tells me that Gallup would’ve made a better play or ran a better route. To Wilson’s defense, Dak should’ve gotten more air under it but Wilson had his hands on it.

Never trust that Mike Mccarthy will make the right clock management decisions. Once again, he calls a run play with fourteen seconds left that ultimately cost them one last play from the 49ers 24 yard line.

All this to say that the Cowboys suck, again. They go home early, again. Dak will be questioned, again. Mike Mccarthy being fired rumors, again. The Cowboys had a real shot this year and they blew it. They even had the advantage in coaching. Cowboys defensive coordinator was the head coach for the Falcons when Kyle Shanahan, now head coach of the 49ers, was the the offensive coordinator in Atlanta. The stars were aligned! Huge rivalry, in Dallas winner advances to the divisional round. Good bye Uncle Jerry. See you at the draft in April,

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