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AEW Dynamite Preview: CM Punk Takes on Wardlow!

Last week’s Dynamite got the TBS era started off with a bang! The Page vs Danielson match was fantastic, the tag title match was great, but well wishes to Rey Fenix who suffered a tough injury. This week’s show will be shifting it’s attention to other none-title focused storylines. CM Punk will be taking on a big member of the Pinnacle, we get the fourth chapter between two talented women, the interim TNT champ will be defending his title, and Team Taz look to get revenge on Dante Martin.

Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb

This feud has been very good so far, their first two matches were great, but the roll up win in the third contest felt a little underwhelming. So here we are with the fourth match between Hikaru Shida and Serena Deeb

If I was booking AEW, I would’ve had the third match be a street fight or a no DQ match to really have the feud come to a climax, but that wasn’t the case, and we had a finish that most people weren’t happy with. I think if AEW have Serena Deeb steal a win here in the fourth battle, a street fight is something they can set up for the fifth and deciding contest.

So I think that Deeb will leave this week’s Dynamite with a stolen win of some sorts that sets up a big fifth and final match, that can have the same hate level as the Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa lights out match.

CM Punk vs Wardlow

I think this is the most interesting match on the card. CM Punk and MJF are locked in a fierce war of words right now, and at the moment, have still yet to lay a finger on each other. Despite even being in a match together a couple weeks ago. This is a great example of AEW’s long term story telling, and when CM Punk finally gets his match with MJF, it’s going to feel like a HUGE deal.

The other piece to this puzzle, is Wardlow and his eventual face turn. It’s obvious to everyone that he is on the verge of leaving MJF, the question is not if he’s leaving the Pinnacle, but WHEN he’s leaving the Pinnacle. There have been tons of cracks in the relationship between MJF and Wardlow, and I’m wondering is now the time to have Wardlow completely turn his back on MJF?

The reason why I’m thinking this, is because both men in the match have big time momentum, and a loss could really hurt both of them. I honestly have no idea how AEW are going to book themselves out of this one. My guess is that MJF will get Punk disqualified kind of the way Punk caused him to lose last week, except much deeper into the match.

Sammy Guevara (C) vs Daniel Garcia – Interim TNT Title Match

As of writing this, Cody is out at the moment due to COVID related issues, and we’re not sure how long he’s out for, but hopefully all is well with Mr Rhodes. In the meantime, Sammy Guevara recently defeated Dustin Rhodes to become the Interim TNT champion at Battle of the Belts, and we are not going to have to wait long to see Sammy’s first title defence.

Daniel Garcia will be the one getting a shot at the TNT title, and even though there might be more people deserving of a shot at the title, this match is sure to be a great one. It’s a chance for AEW to show off some of it’s younger talent, and these two guys are super talented.

This should be a great match, but I don’t think we’ll see a title change, and Sammy Guevara will hold on to his interim title until Cody get’s back so they can have their rematch.

The other match we have announced at the moment, is a Powerhouse Hobbs taking on Dante Martin. Team Taz are still out for revenge for Dante and Lio Rush pulling a quick on Ricky Starks in the Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royale.

All this and so much more can be seen on TBS (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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