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Pop’s Picks Week 18: Win and Get In!

Black Monday is around the corner. I imagine that several coaches and General managers will be handed their walking papers. I hope the firings in the Giants organization will go far beyond Gettleman. I hope the Giants bring a new group that knows how to evaluate, draft and develop players. Knowing how to build the roster throughout the draft would be a prerequisite for the new general manager. Judge post-game came comments, only serve as a distraction to his team. It is not intelligent to criticize former coaches and rile up your divisional opponents by making them part of your thesis. He just gave the WFT an extra incentive to beat them on Sunday. For someone who is meticulous and plans everything, maybe he should plan his responses to the press. Until recently, I thought bringing him back would be a good idea. Blunder after blunder by Coach Judge has convinced me otherwise. Besides his abysmal win and loss record, any other notion of progress is not visible on game day on the field.

Pop’s Record 
Pop’s record last week: 9-7 straight up season 131-107-1.
Last week’s record against the spread is 8-8 season 125–113-1.
Upset of the week 2-6-1

WFT (6-10) at Giants (4-12) 
Line: WFT is favoured by 7.
I’m relieved that I won’t have to watch Mike Glennon, but his replacement Jake Fromm may not fare much better. The best option is to have Saquon as a wildcat quarterback. Both teams are going nowhere. Judge just made the game meaningful for the Redskins. The Giants will end the season with an embarrassing 4-13 record.
Redskins win and cover.
Giants led series 105-70-4.

Bengals (10-6) at Browns (7-9)  
Line: Browns are favoured by 6.
Bengals will want to keep playing well and winning as they approach the playoffs. The Browns have underperformed and missed the playoffs. The better team will win.
Bengals win and cover.
Bengals lead series 51-45-0.

Saints (8-8) at Falcons (7-9)
Line: Saints are favoured by 3.5.
The Saints are still in the playoff hunt; the Falcons have improved and have managed to win seven games so far this season. A Saints win and a 49er loss propels the Saints in the playoffs.
Saints win and cover.
Falcons lead Series 54-51-0.

Steelers at (8-7-1) at Ravens (8-8) 
Line: Steelers are favoured by 6.
The Steelers and Ravens will be eliminated when the Colts beat the Jaguars. These teams will play each other hard but the Steelers will end up winning.
Steelers win but don’t cover.
Steelers lead series 31-24-0.

Jets(4-12) at Bills (10-6)
Line: Bills favoured by 16.5.
The Bills are going to play their starters and continue winning. The Jets did a Jets thing last week as they were ready to beat the Super Bowl champ but blew it in the last two minutes of the game. The Bills will win easily.
Bills win but don’t cover.
Bills lead series 66-56-0.

Packers (13-3) at Lions (2-13-1)
Line: Packers favoured by 4.
The Lions will go all out like they have been doing all season, playing hard. The Packers will play their starters for a while but don’t need to go all out to win.
Packers win and cover.
Packers lead series 105-72-7.

Colts (9-7) at Jaguars (2-14)
Line: Colts are favoured by 15.5.
Colts may need to win to qualify for the playoffs. Jaguars don’t need to lose to get the first choice of the draft. Therefore Colts win easily and the Jaguars lose another one.
Colts win and cover.
Colts lead Series 25-15-0.

Panthers (5-11) at Buccaneers (12-4)
Line: Bucs are favoured by 8.
This will be a tune-up game for the Bucs. After a promising start, the Panthers will add another game to the loss column. 
Bucs win and cover.
Panthers lead series 24-18-0.

Patriots (10-6) at Dolphins (8-8)
Line: Patriots favoured by 6.
The Patriots began the season by losing to the Dolphins. Patriots have improved during the course of the season. Mac Jones will robotically lead the Patriots to another win.
Patriots win but don’t cover. 
Dolphins lead series 58-54-0.

Bears(6-10) at Vikings (7-9)
Line: Vikings are favoured by 3.
Regardless of the outcome, both head coaches may find themselves unemployed the following day. Vikings win and cover. 
Vikings will win and cover.
Vikings lead series 62-57-2.

Cowboys (11-5) at Eagles (9-7)
Line: Cowboys favoured by 5.5.
Both teams are in the playoffs and may face each other. I wonder how long starters will play. I think the Eagles keep the ball on the ground, eat the clock and win.
Eagles win but don’t cover.
Cowboys lead series 71-54-0.

Titans (11-5) at Texans (4-12)
Line: Titans are favoured by 10.
As the Titans prepare for the playoffs, this will be a tune-up game. Texans beat Titans once this year. Make that twice!
Texans win and cover.
Titans lead series 21-18-0.

Chiefs (11-5-0) at Broncos (7-9)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 10.
The Broncos haven’t scored too many points as of late. The Chiefs will score often and keep their winning streak intact. The Chiefs blow out Broncos.
Chiefs win and cover.
Chiefs lead Series 68-55-0.

Chargers (9-7) at Raiders (9-7)
Line: Chargers are favoured by 3.
The team that wins this game advances to the playoffs. It has been an unusual year for the Raiders as they have been hot and cold. I’m not sold on the Chargers as they have lost several games they were expected to win. Carefully I’m taking the Raiders.
Raiders win and cover.
Raiders lead series 66-56-2.

Seahawks(6-10) vs Cardinals (11-5)
Line: Cardinals are favoured by 6.5. 
Maybe it will be the last game for Russell Wilson as a Seahawk. Cardinals had a confidence-building win against the Cowboys last week. Cardinals win a close one.
Cardinals win but don’t cover.
Series tied 22-22-1.

49ers (9-7) vs Rams (12-4)
Line: Rams are favoured by 5.5.
The last time these two teams met, the Niners punished the Rams physically. I can’t see that happening again. The Rams will be flying on offence, and Aaron Donald will lead the way on defence. Rams win.
Rams win and cover.
49ers lead series 74-67-3.

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