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Pop’s Picks Week 17: Dolphins Keep Rolling, Eagles Fly & Lions Some Bite Kneecaps

John Madden’s death saddens me, but it also evokes many great football memories. I remember John Madden as the Oakland Raiders coach as former  AFL teams were trying to gain credibility after the merger. The Raiders had excellent teams with very colourful players. As a broadcaster, he was instrumental in developing the NFL product. The 2022 season should be dedicated to John Madden. The NFL must also honour him to find a way to eternalize his contributions beyond the Hall of Fame.   A team like the Chargers lost to the Texans; it reminds me that there is nothing sure in the NFL. The Cowboys are putting it all together at the right time. Many hot teams are vying for the playoff spots;  watch for the Dolphins and the Eagles if they make the playoffs.
The Giants on-field results clearly demonstrate that a significant shake-up is required. An in-house promotion is not the solution. The last four years have been mired by incompetence and a waste; very few building blocks could be found on the current roster. The 2022 draft is crucial as the Giants have many picks in the first few rounds. We need scouts that know how to evaluate talent and a GM who can methodically put all the pieces together. Giant ownership needs to address the situation urgently as many fans are turning away. The product is difficult to watch, even for a hardcore fan like me.  The season is winding down; enjoy one of the last weekends of football!

Pop’s Record  Pop’s record last week: 9-7 straight up season 131-107-1. Last week’s record against the spread is 8-8 season 125–113-1. Upset of the week 2-6-1.
Giants (4-11) at Bears (5-10) 
Line: Bears are favoured by 6.
It was a bad omen for both teams to trade draft picks as they both had terrible seasons. Not much is on the line; maybe they can tie. The Giants don’t have a quarterback; the Bears won with Nick Foles the third stinger. I’m sure the Giant’s defence will show up and play hard. The Bears will find enough offence to win.
Bears win but don’t cover.
Bears led series tied 35–24-2.
Jaguars (2-13) at Patriots (9-6)  
Line: Patriots are favoured by 15.5.
This game is another any given Sunday situation except that the Patriots will trounce the Jaguars on this Sunday.
Patriots win and cover.
Patriots lead Series 11-2-0.
Buccaneers (11-4) at Jets (4-11)
Line: Bucs are favoured by 13.5.
The Jet’s one-game winning streak is going to come to an end. Bucs will want to keep winning and position themselves in more favourable playoff standings.
Bucs win and cover.
Jets lead series 10-2-0.
Falcons at (7-8) at Bills (9-6) 
Line: Bills are favoured by 14 I hope the Bills don’t have a letdown after beating the Patriots. The Falcons are coming off a victory against the Lions. The game will be closer than the spread suggests. The Bills will win.
Bills win but don’t cover.
Falcons lead series 7-5-0.
Chiefs (11-4) at Bengals (9-6)
Line: Chiefs favoured by 4.5. Chiefs are hot, winning eight straight. Bengals are playing well but not consistently, as their six losses indicate. This game will result in a loss for the Bengals.
Chiefs win and cover.
Bengals lead series 15-14-0.
Dolphins (9-7) at Titans (10-5)
Line: Titans favoured by 3.5
Dolphins have won seven straight games. Titans are a solid team that loses games to lesser opponents at times. The Dolphins are a formidable opponent who will squeeze a victory out of the Titans.
Dolphins win.
Dolphins lead series 21-17-0.
Raiders (8-7) at Colts (9-5)
Line: Colts are favoured by 6.5.
Raiders are chasing a playoff spot and will benefit if Carson Wentz can’t play because of COVID. The Colts can clinch a playoff berth with a win.
Colts win but don’t cover.
Raiders lead series 10-9-0.
Eagles (8-6) at WFT (6-9)
Line: Eagles are favoured by 4.
The WFT got spanked by the Cowboys, and tempers flared on the WFT bench. The Cowboys made the WFT hit rock bottom. Can they recover and surprise the Eagles? I doubt it. This year, the Eagles have been soaring on the ground and have encountered turbulence when they try to fly. Eagles will keep it simple and on the ground.
Eagles win and cover.
WFT lead Series 88-80-5.
Panthers(5-10) at Saints (7-8)
Line: Saints favoured by 6.5 The Saints have many quarterbacks on the roster but don’t have a number one. A disappointing season for the Panthers with not much to play for. Saints have a slim chance to get into the playoffs.
Saints win but don’t cover. 
Saints lead series 28-26-0.
Broncos(7-8) at Chargers (8-7)
Line: Chargers are favoured by 6.
On any given Sunday, the heavily favoured Chargers lost to Texans. The Broncos couldn’t find enough offence to beat the Raiders. So what will happen this week? The Chargers rebound and win.
Chargers win and cover.
Broncos lead series 70-53-1.

Texans (4-11) at 49ers (8-7)
Line: 49ers favoured by 15.
Can the Texans do it again on any given Sunday? The Niners are going to be a tougher out than the Chargers. The Texans have a chance as inexperienced Trey Lance may be starting.
49ers win but don’t cover.
49ers lead series 3-1–0.
Rams (11-4) at Ravens (8-7)
Line: Rams are favoured by 3. Will Lamar Jackson be able to play on Sunday? The Rams are hot as of late, winning four in a row. Ravens haven’t lived to their potential and won’t on Sunday.
Rams win and cover.
Ravens lead Series 5-2-0.
Lions(2-12-1) at Seahawks(5-10)
Line: Seahawks are favoured by 7.5
The Lions lost a close one to the Falcons. The Seahawks got beat at the last minute by the Bears. The Lions are hungry for another victory and will find one against the Seahawks.
Lions win.
Seahawks lead series 10-5-0.
Cardinals (10-5) at Cowboys (11-4)
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 4.5.
Cowboys are playing the football that Jerry Jones has expected for many years. The playmakers on defence are destroying the opponent’s offence. Cardinals at times look unbeatable and at other times have had unexplainable losses.
Cowboys win and cover.
Cowboys lead series 56-33-1
Vikings(7-8) vs Packers (12-3)
Line: Packers are favoured by 7. 
Can the Kirk Cousins-led Vikings go to Lambeau, win a game, and position themselves for a possible entry in the playoffs? The Vikings have beat the Packers the last two times they have faced them. It’s unlikely.
Packers win and cover.
Packers lead series 63-56-3.
Browns (7-8) vs Steelers (7-7-1)
Line: Steelers are favoured by 3.
Browns and Steelers are theoretically still in the playoff hunt. Baker throws too many interceptions. Steelers will rise up after the beatdown they received from the Chiefs and win.
Steelers win and cover.
Steelers lead series 78-61-1.

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