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Pop’s Picks Week 16: Christmas Day Football

I was wrong about the Lions again, as they did roar wildly and reminded me that on Sunday afternoon, anything could happen, and any team could win. Just when I was trusting the Patriots, their running game and their robotic quarterback, the Colts gave the Patriots taste of the running game and relegated Carson Wentz to game manager. As I thought, the Steeler’s defence took care of the Titans. Yes, Mike Glennon played worse than I thought he could play. Jaguars didn’t respond to the coaching change and weren’t good enough to keep up with the Texans. You can’t leave Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs that kind of time and expect to win the game. The Saints were pretty lifeless, and it looked like they couldn’t beat anyone until they visited the Bucs. I guess Brady has difficulty winning against the Saints and Eli Manning, whose father played for the Saints. COVID played havoc with the schedule, with three games being moved. It didn’t help the Redskins, who started newly acquired Garrett Gilbert. Have a great week of football with tonight’s game!
Pop’s Record Pop’s record last week: 11-5 Season 122-98-1. The record against the spread last week is 11-4-1 season 117–105-1. Upset of the week 2-7-1.
49ers (8-6) at Titans (9-5) L
ine: 49ers are favoured by 3.5
Niners seemed to have turned their season around, winning five of their last six games. The Titans are not the same team since the departure of Derrick Henry.  The 49ers will win this game and continue their path to the playoffs.
49ers win but don’t cover.
49ers lead Series 9-5-0.
Browns (7-7) at Packers (11-3)  
Line: Packers are favoured by 7.5.The decimated Browns almost pulled off a victory against the Raiders. The Packers benefited by the Ravens going for 2 points and not making it—two losses in a row for the Ravens employing the same strategy. There is too much roster uncertainty for the Browns to compete with the Packers. 
Packers win and cover.
Packers lead Series 13-7-0.
Colts(8-6) at Cardinals (10-4 )
Line: Cardinals are favoured by 2
Cardinals lost against the lowly Lions. The Colts are getting better every week. Carson Wentz doesn’t have to pass as Johnathan Swift has transformed the running game into the whole offence. Cardinals seem to be ripe for another loss.
Colts win.
Cardinals lead series 9-8-0.
Lions at (2-11-1) at Falcons (6-8) 
Line: Falcons are favoured by 3.5
Lions have become hungry for fresh meat. Although Falcon meat can be a little tough, the Lions will feast win on it, no less. Lions are gain confidence with their win against another bird. 
Lions win
.Lions lead series 25-13-0.
Rams10-4 vs Vikings 7-7
Line: Rams are favoured by 3
The Rams and the Vikings both are coming off a short week. The Rams have got back to winning as their last three games were victories. Can the up-down Vikings pull off the upset? It will be close, but the Rams will win.
Rams win and cover.
Vikings lead series 27-17-2.
Jaguars (2-12) at Jets (3-11)
Line: Jets are favoured by 2.5
Another battle for last place and the prize it carries. The Jets can’t finish anything. The Jaguars are rudderless and sailing into the abyss of another wasted season. New leadership is needed as soon as possible. The incompetent Jets stumble to a victory.
Jets win and cover.
Jaguars lead series 8-7-0.
Giants (4-10) at Eagles (7-7)
Line: Eagles favoured by 10
The Giant’s offence was horrible against the Cowboys. Lorenzo Carter thought he was Micah Parsons, as the Giants defence played a pretty good game. I can’t understand why Mike Glennon was doing in the game when it is painfully evident that there is no chance of winning with him. The Eagles, even their record, have put themselves in playoff contention.
Eagles win but don’t cover.
Eagles lead series 88-87-2.
Bills(8-6) at Patriots (9-5)
Line: Patriots favoured by 2.5
Are the Bills ever going to be able to beat the Patriots? The answer is yes, but not this year. The Bills had an excellent rebound victory against the Panthers. The Patriots lost to the Colts and looked terrible for most of the game. They were able to turn it around and almost win the game. The Patriots will find a way to beat this good Bills team.
Patriots win and cover.
Patriots lead series 77-45-1.
Ravens(8-6) at Bengals  (8-6)
Line: Bengals favoured by 2.5
This game is going to be for all the marbles. Will Lamar Jackson be back? This year, the Bengals beat the Ravens already once and can sweep the series with another win. Will Lamar Jackson be back?
Bengals win and cover.
Ravens lead series 27-24-0.
Chargers (8-6) at Texans (3-11)
Line: Chargers are favoured by 9.5.
I know that on any given Sunday, any team can win. The Chargers are a good team that has had some inconsistent performances. Texans have had a few upsets but not this week. The Chargers will take control of this game right away and win it early.
Chargers win and cover.
Chargers lead series 5-2-0.
Buccaneers (10-4) at Panthers (5-9)
Line: Bucs favoured by 11.
The Bucs were shut out last week by their nemesis, the Saints. The Panthers weren’t very good and just in a downward slide. Bucs get back to winning and trounce the Panthers.
Bucs  win and cover.
Panthers lead series 24-17–0.
Bears (4-10) at Seahawks (5-9) L
ine: Seahawks are favoured by 7.
Two teams are struggling to win football games and have to be thinking of next year. The Seahawk’s home-field advantage might make the difference.
Seahawks win but don’t cover.
Seahawks lead Series 11-7-0.
Broncos (7-7) at Raiders (7-7)
Line: Raiders are favoured by 1.5
Raiders beat a decimated Browns team. Broncos could not get any offence going and lost a low-scoring game to the Bengals. Broncos will win a low scoring game.
Broncos win but don’t cover.
Raiders lead series 68-54-2.
Steelers (6-7) at Chiefs (10-3)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 10.
Steelers have surprised me the season win more games than expected. They have a great defence led by TJ Watt, who can destroy the opponents’ game plan. Chiefs have won seven games in a row. It won’t be close.
Chiefs win and cover.
Steelers lead series 23-12-0.
WFT (6-8) at Cowboys (10-4)
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 10
WFT is on a short week. Cowboys beat Giants, but their offence sputtered. Who will be QB for the Redskins. It would be interesting if former Cowboy Garrett Gilbert could come back and haunt his teammates.
Cowboys win but don’t cover.
Cowboys lead series 74-47-2.

Dolphins (7-7) vs Saints (7-7)
Line: Saints are favoured by 3
Dolphins began the season losing most of their games, but they have won their last six games. The Saints were well prepared for the Bucs and beat them again. Confident Saints are going to end Dolphin’s winning streak.
Saints win and cover the spread.
Series tied 6-6-0.

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