New York Giants Fan Appreciation Day Goes Horribly Wrong

The New York Giants are as ancient as they can be. General Manager Dave Gettleman is so “old school” that he’s vintage. He’s nostagic. Gettleman is on record saying that the Giants are invested in analytics because they “bought computers this year”, a real quote by the Giants GM. This past weekend, it was “Fan Appreciation Day” at Met Life Stadium for the Giants game vs the Cowboys this past Sunday. The Giants head office; their marketing team, ownership, interns, general manager, stadium operators, and cashiers all were complicit in the dumbest Fan Appreciation Day in the history of thanking a customer. In the history of Thank Yous, this is the worst one.

The Giants felt that to show their appreciation for the people that spend thousands of dollars per year to watch the awful product that the organization has put on the field. They thought a medium soda is a good gift for ticket holders. As you look into this a bit deeper, it gets worse. Not only is the MEDIUM soda only one per customer, but it is also only one per season ticket holder. So that means that you are a season ticket holder of two seats and you bring a friend, only you are eligible for the medium soda. Your friend’s name is not on the ticket so he is not getting a medium fountain soda.

Is this not the most ancient way of thinking? NOt even a beer and a hot dog or a soda and chips to everyone. No, only to the season ticket holders. Not the out-of-towners that spent 800$ in hotels and 1000$ on two seats in the cold of a December in New Jersey. The Habs charge season ticket holders 100$ for hard copies of the tickets and I thought that was shitty.

The New York Giants are the third most valuable franchise in the NFL, with an estimated value of 4.85 billion U.S Dollars.

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