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Pop’s Picks Week 15: COVID Rears It’s Ugly Head

Week 15 Notepad
The COVID situation is probably the worse it has ever been as many players are getting infected. We may be in for a week of back-ups. It will be interesting to see which teams have the best roster depth. 

The patience of Jaguars owner Shad Kahn finally ended as overrated Urban Meyer was fired. He was a bad hire and has wasted a season for the Jaguars. Interim Head Coach Bevell is taking over a delighted team… because Meyer is no longer the Coach. It will be interesting to see what happens on the field. 

Watching Justin Hebert, I know why the Giants coveted him, and I was surprised when Giants decided to opt for Daniel Jones and not wait for Hebert to come out the year after. After the organization scouted at every game, one has to wonder how they could do such a lousy job evaluating Jones and deciding to go with him. Jones has a lot of skills, but somehow he can’t seem to put it together; I am still hoping he can become successful, but this neck injury has created some doubt about his future. The Giants need to get a new general manager from outside the organization and re-set the organization. The Giant’s notion of loyalty and keeping incompetent people in the team’s management structure only perpetuate horrible results and disrespects loyal giant fan base. How do we end with the worse back-up quarterback in the league? Gentleman has been allowed to make blunder after blunder with the salary cap, draft choices, and desperately expensive free-agent signings. In four years, the offensive line is incredibly worse than the one he found. Hey Dave, where are the hog-mollies you promised? Gettleman needs to go now, and the team needs to do an exhaustive search for a new GM. Have a great week of football with tonight’s game!
Pop’s Record  Pop’s record last week: 9-5 Season 111-93-1. The record against the spread last week is 5-9 season 106–101. Upset of the week 2-7-1.
Chiefs (9-4) at Chargers (8-5) 
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 3.5
Chiefs are just hitting a full stride as all game phases seem to be totally in sync. The Chargers have been a little inconsistent but played very well against the Giants. The Chiefs are going to continue their winning streak.
Chiefs win but don’t cover.
Chiefs lead Series 64-58-1.
Raiders (6-7) at Browns (7-6)   Line: Browns are favoured by 5.5.
I was just wondering who will play for the COVID-infested Browns. The Raiders got spanked last week; the Browns were able to beat the Ravens. The morally wounded Raiders should win by default.
Raiders win and cover.
Raiders lead Series 16-10-0.
Patriots(9-4) at Colts (7-6)
Line: Colts are favoured by 1.5.
Patriots aren’t going to be losing too many more games this year; the Colts have shown a lot of improvement lately, but the Patriots will be ready to shut down some essential elements of the Colts offence. Mac Jones will robotically guide his team to victory.
Patriots win and cover.
Patriots lead series 52-29-0.
Titans at (9-4) at Steelers (6-6-1) 
Line: Titans are favoured by 2.5
Last week it was the story of two Big Bens; one got sacked a lot for the first three quarters, and the other came to life in the 4th quarter. Steelers with a robust defensive performance will shut down the Titans.
Steelers win but don’t cover.
Steelers lead series 47-32-0.
Panthers vs Bills Line:
Bills are favoured by 10.5
This is a game that the Bills will be back to early season form and dominate their opponent. The Panthers started the season looking like a powerhouse but have lost eight of their ten last games. The Bills will feast on this weak team.
Bills win and cover.
Bills lead series 5-2-0.
WFT (6-7) at Eagles (6-7)
Line: Eagles favoured by 4.
The WFT is a gritty team and was almost able to come back and ruin the Cowboys: the Eagles are winning their share of games. The WFT has some of their key players banged up and 17 more on the COVID list.
Eagles win and cover.
WFT lead series 88-79-5.
Texans (2-11) at Jaguars (2-11)
Line: Jaguars favoured by 3
Jags fire Meyer! The prize of this game goes to the loser, as the loser will be a step closer to having the first pick of the draft. Jags will respond positively to new head coach Bevell and win.
Jags win and cover.
Texans lead series 26-13-0.
Cowboys (9-4) Giants (4-9)
Line: Cowboys favoured by 10.5
The last time they played, it was a disaster for the Giants, losing Jones and Barclay. The Cowboys can put up a lot of points on offence. Micah Parsons can generate sacks and turnovers on defence. Giant’s backup quarterbacks don’t inspire any kind of confidence. Hopefully, the Cowboys are looking past the Giants.
Cowboys win and cover.
Cowboys lead series 70-47-2.
Cardinals (10-3) at Lions (1-11-1)
Line: Cardinals favoured by 14.
I am not picking the Lions to upset the Cardinals, as the  Cardinals are coming off a loss to the Rams. Cardinals are going to win this game quickly. The Lions have had their wins for this year and will lose.
Cardinals win but won’t cover.
Lions lead series 34-28-6.
Jets (3-10) at Dolphins (6-7)
Line: Dolphins are favoured by 7.
Just when I thought the Jets had an opponent they could beat, they were hopes suffocated by the Saints last week. The Dolphins are steadily improving their record week by week.
Dolphins win and cover.
Dolphins lead series 56-55-1.
Bengals (7-6) at Broncos (7-6)
Line: Broncos favoured by 1.
Broncos efficiently took care of the Lions. Bengals blew an overtime game to the 49ers. Bengals are trending into wrong direction. Broncos will put out another solid performance and edge closer to a playoff spot. 
Broncos win and cover.
Broncos lead series 22-10–0.
Falcons (6-7) at 49ers (7-6)
Line: 49ers are favoured by 8.
The Falcons are improving and winning more games than expected this season; Niners are bouncing back and need to be reckoned with. The Falcons win streak will be ending at one.
49ers win and cover.
49ers lead Series 47-32-1.
Seahawks(5-8) at Rams (9-4)
Line: Rams are favoured by 7.5
The Rams are confident after the victory against the Cardinals. Seahawks bounced back against the Texans. The Rams are dealing with COVID issues and a short week.
Seahawks win.
Seahawks lead series 25-23-0.
Packers (10-3) at Ravens (8-5)
Line: Packers are favoured by 6.5
Ravens have won some close games and have had some surprising losses. Jackson is experiencing some ankle issues and may not be able to play. Rogers is playing effectively with his toe problems. 
Packers win but don’t cover.
Packers lead series 4-2-0.
Saints (6-7) at Bucs (10-3)
Line: Bucs are favoured by 10.5.
The Saints always give the Bucs a hard time in this divisional match-up, winning the last three seasons. It is hard to imagine the Saints beating any team, let alone the Bucs.
Bucs win and cover.
Saints lead series 38-22-0
Vikings (6-7) at Bears (4-9)
Line: Vikings are favoured by 4 .
Vikings running game exploded against the Steelers. The Bears competed against the Packers but were slowly unravelled by the Packers. Given the hot and cold nature of the Vikings, it isn’t easy to trust them. Carefully I’m taking the Vikings to win and cover the small spread.
Vikings win and cover the spread.
Vikings lead series 71-57-2.

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