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AEW Dynamite Preview: Winter is Coming!

Last year’s Winter is Coming was possibly the biggest Dynamite of the year with, Sting making his AEW debut, and Kenny Omega becoming the new AEW champion. That is a tough act to follow, but knowing AEW, they’re going to do the best they can to try to match, and surpass  last year’s event. It’s a very stacked card, that will have Wardlow in action, MJF trying to hold on to the Dynamite Diamond ring, Hikaru Shida and Serena Deeb have a score to settle, and of course, the AEW championship will be on the line.

Hangman Adam Page (C) vs Bryan Danielson – AEW Championship Match

This has been an interesting story so far, with Bryan Danielson coming out the first Dynamite after Hangman Page became the AEW champion, and basically told Hangman that he was disappointed that Kenny Omega lost, because he thought Omega would’ve been a bigger challenge. Some people say, that this was a heel turn for Danielson, while others believe it’s just Danielson wanting to fight people. In any case, we’ve gotten a fun storyline created for this title match.

So Danielson did get his way, of just wanting to fight people, as over the past couple of weeks, he’s been defeating members of the Dark Order one by one. As you would expect, Danielson has won every single’s match he had against all the members of the Dark Order, so that made him look strong, while also having heelish promo battles with Hangman after the match.

The only thing I haven’t liked in this build up, is that Page hasn’t wrestled since he won the title. I’m not sure if that’s because he was banged up, and needed a rest, but I just want to see the new champion in action. This also leads me to believe that Hangman couldn’t possibly lose the title after that AMAZING story with Kenny Omega could he? That’s why, I’m picking Hangman Page to win this match, as I think it would be a huge buzzkill to have Hangman lose the title on the first go of defending it.

Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb

This is a match I think we were all waiting for after Serena Deeb cost Hikaru Shida her match in the TBS tournament. This rivalry started when Serena Deeb beat Shida in a match on Dynamite, that if Shida won, would’ve seen her earn her 50th win AEW. Deeb wasn’t happy that they have a trophy there already set up for Shida, so when Deeb got the win, she also attacked Shida after the match, and effectively became a heel. 

These two women had a second match against each other in the TBS tournament, and this time Hikaru Shida would be the winner, and again, Deeb would attack Shida after the match, targeting her knee. And lastly, Serena Deeb would interfere in Shida’s match against Nyla Rose, and would cost Shida her chance at becoming the first TBS champion.

I think that this is a perfect example to show how far the women’s division has come, as this feels like a big time rivalry, and it’s not focused around anything but the hatred these two women have for each other. No title needed, just two badass women going one-on-one. I think that we need to have Shida win this match, to get even for everything that Serena Deeb cost her in the last few weeks.

MJF vs Dante Martin – Dynamite Diamond Ring

On last week’s episode of Dynamite, we saw Long Island turn heel and cheer for MJF and boo CM Punk. I love that AEW just went with it, and let MJF be the man of the hour, and it led to a very fun episode. MJF was being cheered for just hiding in the corner, and until it got down to the very end of the battle Royale, MJF had basically done nothing, and was still being cheered like crazy. MJF being MJF, picked his spot and eliminated 3 guys at once, but one of those guys was his buddy Wardlow. Just adding another layer to this MJF/ Wardlow story of when those two will break up. The final was set when Dante Martin turned on Team Taz and eliminated Ricky Starks to set this match up.

This Dynamite Diamond Ring had all the chances of just being a little gimmick, but it’s become a vital part of MJF’s character. I hope that MJF wins it again, as I want the person to win this from him to be Wardlow. There is also a ton of outside interference to look for as you have MJF in the match, so the Pinnacle won’t be far behind, and Dante Martin screwed over Team Taz to get to the final, so there’s a good chance they look for revenge in this match as well. Then on the other side, we know that CM Punk has been feuding with MJF, and presumably Lio Rush was in on the plan with Dante Martin, so things could get crazy in this match.

I think that we will see MJF win the diamond ring for the third year in a row, but we’ll be treated to a great match because Dante Martin has really proved he can have great single’s matches already. This should be a lot of fun to watch.

We also have the match of Wardlow vs Matt Sydal, that unfortunately for Sydal I don’t see this going to well for him.

All this and so much more can be seen on TNT (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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