The Suga Show Takes Over AT UFC 269 Press Conference

Best Moments of UFC 269 Prefight Press Conference

What we love about the Prefight Press Conference is how trigger ready these fighters get as soon John Morgan asks the first question. They’re all sitting there, two feet apart, not for COVID but, for the safety of the fighters in between rivals and ready to verbally destroy their opponents or in this case whoever else talked trash on Twitter. Nunes and Pena were chirping each other to a point where Dana White had to cut it off. Cody Garbrandt and Suga Sean O’Malley also went at it, even squaring off at one point… They’re not even fighting each other.

Nunes gives us her take on Julianna Pena

This week we saw unlikely smack talk from Nunes, yes she can be a little chirpy sometimes but not like this. Nunes seemed to be deeply offended at the notion that she has been ducking Pena since UFC 200. Nunes said at UFC 200 that she would fight Pena but circumstances did not allow it as Nunes did the smart thing and cemented her legacy first by beating Valentina twice, ending Ronda Rousey’s MMA career and sending Cyborg to another organization with a KO win in the first round. Since then, Nunes has been fighting whoever the UFC puts in front of her. Nunes, who won the belt at UFC 200 vs Pena’s teammate at the time, Miesha Tate, was quick to dismiss Pena for not having earned the title shot. Pena is 3-2 in her last five fights where Nunes is on a twelve fight win streak dating back to September 2014. Nunes is considered to be one the best fighters of all time, so the idea that she has been ducking Pena is banana lands. Also, it’s the only way a fighter that is 2-2 since January 2017 can get a fight with the champ. Pena is a solid fighter, tough as nails, a good talker, but realistically if not for a lack of competition she wouldn’t be in the Octagon with Nunes.

Cody Garbrandt and Sean O’Malley square off. They’re not even scheduled to fight

Former Bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt is set to make his Flyweight debut vs Kai-Kara France but that wasn’t who he was looking at for this press conference. Sean O’Malley and Cody have been going at it on Twitter and it continued last night in person. O’Malley called Cody dumb, Cody said O’Malley will never accomplish anything even though O’Malley is the self proclaimed “Unranked Champ”. We love Cody but he is very easy to antagonize, the smallest comment sets him off. Guys like O’Malley are perfect for that role since it seems that nothing gets under his skin. Unfortunately Cody moved out of O’Malley’s division but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t go back. All we can assume is that if Cody and O’Malley win their fights, then these two will definitely scrap in 2022.

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