Snakes Having Sex Is Important For College Basketball Fans. Mark Adams Is Weird

I’ve watched sports for close to 30 years religiously. I have heard the awkward comedic timing of Dennis Miller, I’ve seen Bill Walton’s weird rants but never understood them. The best part about Mark Adams interrupting his broadcast to talk about Snakes banging is one of the all-time weird guy moments ever to be recorded on live TV.

I will admit that I was very curious and I wanted to hear more but unfortunately I wasn’t watching live. We can all wait for the descriptive narration by Mark Adams of snakes sexually assaulting rats in Africa. Not that this game was the most watched, how many people actually tuned into Towson vs Ohio State? Whoever did was in for a treat.

All this to say that as weird and random as Mark Adams was, he was different. Selection and unique ability to captivate the audience is a skill that few have. Mark Adams, never change. Keep talking about snakes in your Lloyd Christmas orange suit. Keep us entertained and be unique. We have enough of these cookie cutter commentators.

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