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Pop’s Picks Week 14: Will the Lions roar again?

Week 13 Notepad
I thought the 49ers, Ravens and the Vikings had losses that could have been victories. The Jets couldn’t handle the pressure of having a lead. The Bengals and the Giants laid an egg. I also laid an egg going 6-8 straight up and 6-8 against the spread.After watching the Cowboys beat the Saints, I couldn’t help but be impressed with Micah Parsons. His presence on the field has to be accounted for on each down. With all the Giants’ contacts to Penn State, it was disappointed that the organization again missed out on a very impactful, game-changing player.While many teams are in the playoff hunt with mediocre records, it is never too late to start winning. As the late Al Davis used to say,  just win, Baby. It will be interesting to see which teams take a step forward this weekend. Have a great week of football with tonight’s game!
Pop’s Record Pop’s record last week: Straight-up 6-8 Season 102-88-1. The record against the spread last week is 6-8 season 101–92. Upset of the week 2-7-1.
Steelers (6-5-1) at Vikings (5-7) 
Line: Vikings are favoured by 3
Steeler’s season just got a shot in the arm with a resilient play of JJ Watt and Big Ben. A Viking’s defensive lapse on the game’s last allowed the Lions to win their first game. That was last week. Vikings are going to bounce back with a win.
Vikings win and cover.
Series Tied 9-9-0.
Saints (6-6) at Jets (3-9)  
Line: Saints are favoured by 6.
It was a difficult loss against the Cowboys for the Saints. The Jets’ loss to the Eagles re-affirmed how bad they are. I have mentioned all season long that the Saints don’t have a QB; the Jets do; but in this case, it won’t matter as the Jets will lose.
Saints win and cover.
Saints lead Series 7-6-0.
Falcons(5-7) at Panthers (5-7)
Line: Panthers are favoured by 3.
These two teams are in the playoff hunt but spinning their wheels as they lack focus and intensity. The Panthers firing of their Offensive Coordinator Joe Brady puts more pressure on Matt Rhule to win. If they can’t beat the Falcons at home, they may as well fire the head coach. 
Panthers win and cover.
Falcons lead series 33-20-0.
Cowboys at (8-4) at WFT (6-6) 
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 4.5
While playing some good football, the WFT is on a four-game winning streak, with Taylor Heinicke just being elusive enough to make some big plays. Although the Cowboys are winning games, they seem to be underperforming and get into a situation where they lose games they should win. The Cowboys have playmakers on defence and offence and should win, but the WFT will keep very close.
Cowboys win but don’t cover.
Cowboys lead series 73-47-2.
Jaguars (2-10) at Titans (8-4)
Line: Titans favoured by 9.5.
The Titans need to be very careful as they have distinguished themselves by losing to lesser teams like the Jets and Texans. The Jaguars are a more inferior team that can put up another 9-6 performance and win. Carefully I’m going to take the Titans.
Titans win and cover.
Titans lead series 33-21-0.
Seahawks (4-8) at Texans (2-10)
Line: Seahawks favoured by 7.5.
The Seahawks had a good win against the 49ers. The Texans were taken back to reality, getting shut out by the Colts. Seahawks will continue to improve their record and keep their very slim playoff hopes alive for another week.
Seahawks win and cover.
Seahawks lead series 3-1-0.
Raiders(6-6) Chiefs (8-4)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 9.5
This game is a classic AFC West match-up, but these two teams are going in different directions. The Chiefs are finding other ways to win, dishing out solid defensive performances, while their offence is trying to re-emerge. The Raiders seem to be getting undone, but they will be up for this game. Raiders will make a game of it and keep it close.
Chiefs win but don’t cover.
Chiefs lead series 69-54-2.
Ravens (8-4) at Browns (6-6)
Line: Browns are  favoured by 2.5.
The Ravens had the right play called to beat the Steelers on the two-point conversion for a win, but it didn’t happen. The Browns are coming off the bye week and are facing the last team that beat them, and they should be healthier. The Ravens are a better team at this point and will win.Ravens win and cover.Ravens lead Series 34-11-0.
Giants(4-8) at Chargers (7-5)
Line: Chargers favoured by 10.5.
Chargers are rolling. Who would have imagined that Jake Fromm would be Giants may be the starting Quarterback at this juncture? Can he replicate some success he enjoyed in Georgia? Regardless of which backup Quarterback starts for the Giants, it would be a long-shot for them to be in this game, let alone win. More calls for significant changes in the Giants organization. I hope the ownership loyalty approach doesn’t get in the way make a significant change. Chargers win and cover. 
Chargers lead series 7-5-0.
Lions(1-10-1) at Broncos (6-6)
Line: Broncos are favoured by 8 .
After many close calls, the Lions finally win, savouring the taste of victory in a divisional opponents’ stadium. Can they make it two in a row? I’m not sure, but they will give the Broncos a run for their money. The Broncos are coming off some difficult losses, and the Lions are no pushover. I pick the Lions as upset of the week.
Lions win.
Broncos lead series 8-5-0.
49ers (6-6) at Bengals (7-5)
Line: 49ers favoured by 1.
The 49ers mismanaged last week’s game and turned it into a loss. Do they have a quarterback? Mac Jones, who they didn’t draft, is looking excellent. The Bengals got derailed by the Chargers making crucial mistakes when the game was close. Deebo Samuel is the X factor for the 49ers, and his playmaking ability can cause the 49ers to win. But I like the Bengals to beat the 49ers.
Bengals win.
49ers lead series 12-4–0.
Bills (7-5) at Buccaneers (9-3)
Line:Bucs are favoured by 3.
The Bills are coming off a close loss to the Patriots and now are facing Brady and the Bucs. There should be less wind in Tampa. Bucs are just rolling up win after win. This game won’t be any different, as the Bucs find a way to win again.
Buccaneers win and cover.
Buccaneers lead Series 7-4-0.
Bears(4-8) at Packers(9-3)
Line: Packers are favoured by 12.5
Normally the Bears should be up for this game since Aaron Rodgers says he owns them. The Bears can’t seem ever to come up big and win a significant game. Packers will win, and Rodgers will continue owning the Bears until they beat him. The Bears will manage to keep it close.
Packers win but don’t cover.
Packers lead series 102-95-6.
Rams (8-4) at Cardinals (10-2)
Line: Cardinals are favoured by 2.5
Excellent match-up. Did the Rams get right in annihilating the hapless Texans, or was it just a quick bubble win. The Cards were winning with Colt McCoy; Kyler Murray is a lot better.  Cards are going to win another one.
Cardinals win and cover.
Rams lead series 45-39-2.

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