Patriots Are Still The Best Team In The AFC East And Buffalo Should Be Embarassed

40MPH winds, broken uprights, snow, rain, cold and whatever else the winter gods of western New York can bring and the Bills lose to the the Patriots 14-10. Losing to the Pats isn’t the issue. Losing to the Pats at home in awful weather, while Mac Jones throws three pass attempts is not a game that the city of Buffalo can accept. The Patriots remain the best team in the AFC East.

Now please understand that the city of buffalo should be embarrassed. The team played well and it was one split second away from being over. IF Diggs turned around sooner, who knows what would’ve happened. We all love the Bills Mafia and the Bills fans. They’re great and for good reason. They’re loyal (to a fault), they’re tough, blue collar, immune to cold weather and the most passionate group of people that you’ll ever see.

They should not be happy that Bill Belichik and Mac Jones were able to run all but three pass attempts on their D. Belichik came into Buffalo with a message. No matter what, no matter who is behind centre, as long as he is calling the shots, the AFC East will be his for as long as he damn well pleases.

When Brady left, everyone was ready to give the division to Josh Allen and the Bills. Some were even saying that the Dolphins will have a long run at the top of this division. Well, we’re sorry guys, but Uncle Bill is still around and he’ll do it with his dirty sweat suit and socially awkward son on his side.

One factor that we need to look at is the development of the patience and poise of Mac Jones. We can see the relationship between the two blossoming.

The Pats improve to a 9-4 record while the Bills fall to 7-5. That game may have decided the standings in week 13.

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