Tommy Fury Pulls Out Of Fight with Jake Paul. Tyron Woodley Steps In To Save His Reputation

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury is off. Fury pulled out due to illnes but do not worry, Tyron Woodley saved the day. Fury suffered a chest infection and a broken rib during training. Paul-Woodley 2 is official and the date is December 18th in Tampa, Florida. Woodley gets his redemption and Paul can make sure to leave no doubt that he did beat Woodley fair and square in the first fight.

Rumors started circulating that Woodley signed a clause in his first fight where he couldn’t knockout Paul. This is how smart Paul is; he offered Woodley an additional $500K if he can knockout Paul. Jake Paul has played this entire scenario perfectly. Everyone that saw the last fight versus Woodley left unfulfilled because Woodley clearly avoided knocking out Paul. Here’s hoping that this doesn’t happen again.

As soon as this was announced, the conspiracy theorist in me took and thought; could it be that (putting my tinfoil hat on) when all these rumor came out about Woodley not being allowed to KO Paul, that Paul paid Fury off so he can sign Woodley? or that Fury was so bad at promoting this fight that Paul paid him off purely for the business side of it? Both those scenarios would be insane but extremely plausible. We’ll never know, but at least we still have a fight to watch and maybe Woodley salvages any bit of dignity he has left after getting beat by Paul, getting side pieced by Paul and being greedy.

How does Woodly fair this time? His right hand was the one tool that was working vs Paul. Hopefully, he doesn’t pull back. Paul also knows that he looked much better than in his previous fights but because we saw more, we saw holes and weaknesses. A smart fighter like Woodley, that has fought his entire life, has downloaded those tendencies already and will surely expose them. Jake’s advantage is to use his jab, which he does well, and stay outside. As soon as Woodley gets inside, it might be lights out for Paul.

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