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Pop’s Picks Week 13: AFC Meat Grinder, Jets Upset, Chargers Continue To Slide

Thanksgiving Notes
I guess Jerry Jones had problems digesting his turkey as his undisciplined team was being flagged all night for pass interference. The Lions seem to come close every week without being able to close off a victory. Glad to see that Met Life was not overrun with Eagle fans, and Mike Strahan was honoured with class. Fittingly the Giants won a defensive battle. The Rams can’t seem to find any traction. The WFT is quietly winning games and creeping up the standings in the NFC east.  The Patriots are competing to be the top team in the AFC. I ‘m selecting the Jets as my upset pick of the week, and I am confident that the Eagles will make two losses in a row at Met-Life Stadium, and the Jets will get their first win ever against the Eagles. If the Eagles lose, then we talk about an Eagles curse at Met-Life. Have a great week of football with tonight’s game!
Pop’s Record Pop’s record last week: 6-7 Season 96-80-1. The record against the spread last week is 6-7 season 93–84. Upset of the week 2-6-1.

Cowboys (7-4) at Saints (5-6) 
Line: Cowboys are favoured by 5.5
Cowboys are not winning games; they should be a win. Losing at home on Thanksgiving is going to give owner Jerry Jones indigestion. The coach is out with Covid; it shouldn’t make a difference. Saints got hammered by the Bills and are trending downwards. Saints will try to spark the offence by starting Tyson Hill QB. I’m taking the points for a Saints victory.
Saints win.
Cowboys lead series 17-13-0.
Colts (6-6) at Texans(2-9)  
Line:Colts are favoured by 7.
Colts gave their best effort and failed against Brady’s Bucs. Texans can be surprising at times, like beating the Titans. The Colts will win and cover the spread.
Colts win and and cover.
Colts lead Series 31-9-0.
Giants(4-47) at Dolphins(5-7)
Line: Dolphins as are favoured by 3.
After dropping seven in a row, the Dolphins are on a four-game gaming winning streak, and Tua looks like he belongs. The Giants bounced back and shut down the Eagles with a brilliant defensive effort. The Giants will pull another close victory out of the hat.
Giants win but don’t cover.
Giants lead series 7-2-0.
Vikings (5-6) at Lions (0-9-1) 
Line: Vikings are favoured by 7.
The Lions couldn’t do enough to win and lost by a field goal again. The Vikings are surprising me and winning. Is this the game the Lions will finally win or are they in for a second tie? It’s going to be close. I’m taking the points.
Vikings win but don’t cover.
Vikings lead series 79-39-2.
Cardinals (9-2) at Bears (4-7)
Line: Cardinals favoured by 7.5.
The Cards rested up while basking on their 8-2 record. The Bears found a victory in Detroit on Thanksgiving. A well-rested Kyler Murray will lead the Cards will romp all over the Bears.
Cardinals win and cover.
Bears lead series 57-28-6.
Bucs(8-3) at Falcons(5-6)
Line: Bucs favoured by 10.5.
The Bucs are looking pretty unstop-able as they won a tough one against a revitalized Colts team. The Falcons were able to get out of their way and just edged a weak Texan team. I can’t see this as a close game.
Bucs win and cover.
Series tied 28-28-0.
Jaguars (2-9) Rams (7-4)
Line: Rams are favoured by 13
The Rams have lost three games in a row and can’t seem to get on track. They added talent in Odell Beckham and Von Miller. The Jaguars are not a good team but have shown flashes of being good. Could this be an upset? It won’t be close as the Rams get right solidly beating the Jaguars.
Rams win and cover.
Rams lead series 4-1-0.
Eagles(5-7) at Jets(3-8)
Line: favoured by 7.
The Eagles ran the ball successfully but got bored, threw the ball and lost. This week at Met Life it will be different as the Eagles run the ball more. The Jets beat the Texans and improved their record. I smell an upset as the Jets stop the Eagles running game. I am taking the points on this one as the Jets beat the Eagles for the first time in history.
Jets win and cover.
Eagles lead series tied 11-0-0.
Chargers (6-5) at Bengals(7-4)
Line: Bengals are  favoured by 3.
Bengals are hot ,confident, and higher aspirations after sweeping the series from the Steelers. The Chargers are a puzzle looking like a top team at times and less than ordinary at other times. The Bengals will win and cover.
Bengals win and cover.
Chargers lead Series 22-15-0.
WFT (5-6) at Raiders(6-5)
Line: Raiders  favoured by 2.5.
The WFT has put together solid back-to-back wins. The Raiders are facing an NFC team for a third consecutive week.  Raider’s defence will open his bag of tricks and throw a monkey wrench into Taylor Heinicke’s creative quarterback play.
Raiders win but don’t  cover. 
Raiders lead series 8-6-0.
Ravens(8-3) at Steelers(5-5-1)
Line: Ravens are favoured by 3
Even when the Ravens are not at their best, they are still winning. Although the defence is a strong point of the Steelers, they will have a hard time keeping Lamar Jackson in check. The Steelers’ offence is looking pretty ordinary.
Ravens win and cover.
Steelers lead series 30-24-0.
49ers (6-5) at Seahawks (3-8)
Line: 49ers favoured by 2.5.
Seahawks looked dreadful against the WFT. The 49ers looked revitalized with recent victories. I think that the Seahawks are on a downward spiral and will not protect Russel Wilson adequately, leading to another loss.
49ers win and cover.
Seahawks lead series 29-17–0.
Broncos (6-5) at Chiefs (7-4)
Line: Chiefs are favoured by 9.5Quietly the Broncos are winning games. Chiefs are playing better defence as the offence has its struggles. Despite that, the Chiefs are winning. Carefully I’m taking the Chiefs.
Chiefs win but don’t cover.
Chiefs Series tied 67-55-0.
Patriots (8-4) at Bills (7-4)
Line: Bills are favoured by 3.
Patriots are not doing anything flashy but efficiently steadily winning football games. The Bills are not steady, winning big and then losing so many games that keep us stunned.  The actual Bills will come to play on Monday night, but so will the Patriots.
Patriots win and cover.
Patriots lead series 76-45-1.

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