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Pop’s Picks Week 12: Thanksgiving Picks

Week 11 Notes The Titans can’t be trusted to beat teams with losing records like the Jets and Texans. Are the Patriots that good or the Falcons that bad? The up and down Vikings led by Kirk Cousins manage to beat the Packers. The Colts are improving every week and stunned the Bills. The Lions came close to a tie or a win again but can’t put points on the board. WFT put together a solid performance against the Panthers. After blowing the game to the Ravens, the rumour is that Matt Nagy will be fired soon. Chiefs quietly crawled their way to the top of AFC West. Cowboys talent isn’t winning the games they should win. The Eagles running game is winning them games. The Dolphins seem to be turning their season around with another win. The Giants fire Garrett for putting together a putrid offence that was offensive. Have a great week of football starting Thanksgiving!
Pop’s Record  Pop’s record last week: 10-5 Season 90-73-1. The record against the spread last week is 7-8 season 87–77. Upset of the week 2-6-1.
Bears (3-6) at Lions (0-8-1) 
Line: Bears are favoured by 3.5
The Bears keep on losing, and Justin Fields is hurt. Will Nagy survive Thanksgiving? The Lions are closing in on a victory slowly and maybe surely. The Lions are going to run the ball well and, yes, complete a few passes. Lions win the first game.
Lions win.
Bears lead series 105-75-5.
Raiders (5-4) at Cowboys (7-2)  
Line:Cowboys are favoured by 7.
Cowboys looked pretty ordinary in their loss to the Chiefs. Raiders are melting down and can’t seem to do anything to win. Despite their injuries and COVID situation, the Cowboys will deliver a winning performance, with Micah Parsons as the difference-maker.
Cowboys  win and cover.
Series tied  6-6-0.
Bills (6-4) at Saints(5-5)
Line: Bills as are favoured by 4.
I am not sure I know who the Bills are, as their losses are puzzling. They should be dominating their division, but they are letting the Patriots go by them. The Saints don’t have a quarterback, Trevor Siemian will manage the game, but it won’t be enough. The Bills will win, but the Saints will cover. 
Bills win but don’t cover.
Saints lead series 7-4-0.
Steelers (5-4-1) at Bengals (6-4) 
Line: Bengals are favoured by 3.5.
Bengals already beat the Steelers earlier this year. The Steelers are pretty banged up. It feels improbable, but the Bengals have a great opportunity to sweep the Steelers. 
Bengals win and cover win.
Steelers lead series 67-37-0.
Colts(6-5) at Buccaneers (7-3)
Line: Buccaneers favoured by 3.
Jonathan Taylor put on an outstanding performance as the Colts took the Bills to the woodshed. Can the Colts continue this type of domination? Tom Brady is running for first downs and leading his team to a win. I sense an upset.
Colts win and cover.
 Colts lead series 8-6-0.
Panthers(5-6) at Dolphins(4-7)
Line: Panthers favoured by 1.
Cam is back, and the Panthers looked like they would beat the WFT, but didn’t. Dolphins are on a three-game winning streak in which their defence has been outstanding. Panthers fall short again.
Dolphins win and cover.
Dolphins lead series 4-2-0.
Titans (8-3) Patriots(7-4)
Line: Patriots favoured by 5.5.
Mac Jones looked great against the Falcons; Titans lost to the Texans. It’s a good thing the Titans aren’t playing the Jets this week because that would probably be another loss. It should be a competitive game, but it won’t. The Patriots are very good at shutting down another team’s strengths and not having to worry too much about the Titans running game. Titans will keep it close.
Patriots win but don’t cover.
New England lead series 25-18-1.
Eagles(5-6) at Giants (3-7)
Line: Eagles favoured by 3.5
Hopefully, the Giants offence will be available to play a larger role in this game; otherwise, the Eagles will lay 40 points on them; Eagles are soaring, Giants are playing in a shell. Fred Kitchens is calling the plays, and it will spark the offence.
Giants win and cover.
Eagles lead series tied 88-86-2.
Jaguars(2-8) at Falcons (4-6)
Line: Falcons favoured by 1.
The Falcons are not inspiring anyone with their poor play. Jaguars have a chance to add to their victory column but won’t. The Falcons will put together enough offence featuring Kyle Pitts to win.
Falcons win and cover.
Falcons lead Series 4-3-0.
Jets (2-7) at Texans (2-8)
Line: Texans by favoured by 3.
The Texans were full value for their win against the Titans. The Jets also beat the Titans. Jets are having a multitude of struggles. Zach Wilson is back on Sunday. It will be close.
Texans but don’t  cover. 
Jets lead series 5-3-0.
Chargers (6-4) at Broncos (5-5)
Line: Chargers favoured by 2.5.
The hobbling Steelers team were squeezed Chargers. The Broncos were on a bye. I think the Chargers area better team and will quickly take control of the game. Chargers win and cover.
Broncos lead series 69-53-1.
Rams (7-3) at Packers (8-3)
Line: Packers are favoured by 1.
Aaron Rodgers has a toe situation that’s not a COVID toe but worse than a turf toe. Bad news for the Packers. The Rams are coming off the bye and had the time have to integrate Odell Beckam and Von Miller into their respective roles.
Rams win and cover.
Series 47-47-2.
Vikings (5-5) at 49ers (5-5)
Line: 49ers are favoured by 3.
Kirk Cousins is playing the best he’s ever played. The 49ers seem to have gotten their act together, beating the Rams and then the Jaguars. Vikings are going to win this game.
Vikings win.
49ers lead series 24-23-1.
Browns (6-5) vs Ravens(7-3)
Line; Ravens are favoured by 4.
The Lamar-less Ravens were almost beat by the Bears and were fortunate to win. The Browns also won a close one. Both teams don’t look as good as earlier in the season, but the Ravens should have Lamar Jackson back and win.
Ravens win and cover.
Ravens lead series 33-11-0.
Seahawks( 4-6) at WFT(3-7)
Line:WFT are favoured by 1.
Not impressed with the Seahawks lately; they can’t beat anyone. The WFT just beat the Super Bowl champs. Can Russell Wilson put the team on his back and win?. Seahawks win.
WFT lead series 12-9-0.

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