Kayla Harrison Can Definitely Beat Cyborg In MMA.

There’s this idea that Cris Cyborg is unstoppable. That clearly isn’t true since we’ve seen her get stopped by the GWOAT Amanda Nunes. Cyborg is one of the best fighters, let alone female fighters, of all time. She’s lost twice in her career, once to the best ever Amanda Nunes and also in her first every fight. But age is a thing, losing your chin is another thing and not developing a ground game off your back means you’re in Kayla Harrison’s line of fire. If you really believe that Cyborg can beat Harrison then you’ve got a big dump in your pants.

Kayla Harrison and Clarissa Shields have shot onto the scene like a bat out of hell. Shields being the best female boxer ever and Harrison coming off Olympic Gold in Judo. The PFL Women’s Lightweight Champion, Harrison (12-0) has dominated every single opponent. She’s up for free agency and will very likely be the highest paid female fighter of all time when her career is over. Harrison has star appeal and the attitude to go with it. The only thing missing from Harrison’s record is a notable opponent like Nunes, Shevchenko or even Miesha Tate. But the one name that will happen very shortly is Harrison vs Cyborg and ohhhh what a debate that will be.

Harrison can definitely beat Cyborg. She’s stronger more explosive and all she needs to do is get the fight to the ground. This isn’t a knock on Cyborg’s ground game, which we have seen to be stellar. The issue we have is that Harrison is so tough on the ground that it’s inevitably going to the ground. Cyborg has the advantage on the feet, but how long can it stay there?

“I don’t know what would be Kayla’s gameplan — take her down and stay on top, hold Cris there on side control, ground-and-pound from half ground? Jiu-jitsu-wise, she can’t submit Cris. Cris’ defense on the ground is great and [Harrison] can’t save herself on the feet. I wouldn’t like to fight Cris on the feet.” – Gaby Garcia

Gaby Garcia is one of the craziest humans on the planet and a multi time BJJ world champion. She’s fought men in Jiu-Jitsu and won. She’s obviously on the side of her Brazilian cohort. Remember when Garcia beat up that old asian lady ?

If Harrison decides on Bellator for her next contract, it should be one fight, then Cyborg. Women’s divisions are becoming so stacked at the top. This is the only circumstance where people would be on board with a cross promotion tournament.

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