Lebron James Suspended One Game For Violently Endangering Isaiah Stewart

Lebron James shows his frustration with the season by punching Detroit Pistons Center Isaiah Stewart last night. Lebron and Stewart were battling for a possession when Lebron felt that Stewart was getting the better of him, he snapped. Lebron, the King, the Chosen On, LBJ, Actor, multiple championships, multiple MVP awards… you name it! Now we can add “not cool” to this list. Lebron is suspended one game while Isaiah, who was simply defending himself, is suspended for two games.

Lebron James is untouchable, never in any sport has the biggest most intimidating guy require so much protection. As soon as Isaiah responded to the punch by Lebron everyone including their brother was on the court to make sure that nobody touches the King. As you can see Stewart turns around calmly confronting Lebron. EVeryone else took this as a threat and jumped on Stewart. Stewart becomes frustrated because he’s the one who’s bleeding but he’s looked at as the guilty one. Even Gilbert Arenas had some words

Gilbert Arenas gives advice to Isaiah Stewart

One game is definitely not enough for Lebron. If the league wants to send a message to cut this nonsense out, then they should’ve given Lebron ten games. Lebron being suspended for violently attacking a defenseless Stewart.

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