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AEW Dynamite Preview: Dynamite returns to Chicago

After a very interesting segment last week on Dynamite, between Bryan Danielson and the new AEW champion, Hangman Page, where we saw a new heelish attitude from Danielson. And now it seems that Danielson will be taking on each member of the Dark Order, and this Wednesday will be his next challenge. We also have a huge 8-man tag announced, another quarter-final match of the TBS tournament match, and CM Punk will be in singles action.

Cody Rhodes & Death Triangle vs Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black & FTR – 8 Man Tag Match

Usually, when AEW finish a PPV, all the storylines come to a finish, and all the wrestlers go in new directions. This storyline is an exception, as it looks like we’re going to continue the Malakai Black, Andrade, PAC and Cody Rhodes feud. 

This time it’ll be a big 8-man tag which will include PAC’s Death Triangle partners Penta and Fenix. I like this touch because, I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen Death Triangle in a match together, and I think they’re one of the best trios in AEW. Cody being on this team still does seem a bit out of place, but you know, he wants us all to know he’s a good guy, and teaming with these 3 reminds us of that.

The team of Malakai Black, Andrade, and FTR is still pretty much a mystery. So far, the only thing we actually know for sure, is that FTR has been receiving cash from Andrade to help him in his matches. There still hasn’t been any real explanation to why Malakai and Andrade seem to have an alliance. I hope we get some kind of explanation from this match, as I see the potential in this storyline to be a big angle.

This is going to be a wild match that’ll probably break down near the 15 minute mark, where all the finishers will be hit. I think that heels will get the victory here, and again, I hope we can get an explanation of what’s going on with Malakai and Andrade.

Thunder Rosa vs Jamie Hayter – TBS Tournament Quarter-Finals

As soon as the brackets was announced for the TBS Tournament, this was a match I was fairly certain we were going to get. All the elements are there for a perfectly told story. It’s proven that the Britt Baker/ Thunder Rosa feud is a good one, and matches like this do a good job of continuing that story while keeping the two away from each other. They’ve had a couple 6-woman tag matches, and now we have the quarter-final of the tournament, where Thunder Rosa will be taking on one of Baker’s buddies, Jamie Hayter.

I think that Hayter has been a great addition to Britt Baker’s character, and Jamie has been getting over with the fans as well. I think she is really good in ring, and has the potential to be a star, as she’s only 26 years old.

I’m not sure wether it’s this match or the semi-finals, but I see Baker and her squad being the reason Thunder Rosa is eliminated. I think it’s possible that Rosa wins this match, but will bow out in the round thanks to some distractions from Baker and Hayter. 

Bryan Danielson vs Colt Cabana

This is the second stop of the “Bryan Danielson beats up every member of the Dark Order” tour. It started last week with Evil Uno, and now he has set his sights to Chicago’s own, Colt Cabana

It really goes to show how over with the crowd Hangman Page is, when Danielson was met with a mixed reaction on last week’s Dynamite before he even said anything. But with Danielson being as good as he is, he leaned into the boos and started ripping into Hangman and the Dark Order. The kicker was the line about Wrestlemania, that sent the crowd into very loud boos. And now Danielson has vowed to beat up every member of the Dark Order.

Colt Cabana is an established wrestler in his own right, but unfortunately, I don’t see him getting a win over the #1 contender, even if it is in his home town. This could be a way to build heat for Danielson, if he keeps going into the Dark Order members hometowns, and destroys them. This is going to be a fun storyline to watch unfold.

We also have one other scheduled match for Dynamite, and that is CM Punk wrestling in his hometown of Chicago! CM Punk in Chicago is always something special, and his opponent on this occasion will be QT Marshal.

All this and so much more can be seen on TNT (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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