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Pop’s Picks Week 11: The week of the favourites

Thoughts on Week 10
Last week I yawned, and I selected the Ravens to spank the seemly hapless Dolphins… I should have trusted the Ravens less and give more consideration to the Dolphins. The Lions let me down again by not completing the upset and delivering a true Ted Lasso victory that is a tie.  The Vikings continue to win with Cousins as the Chargers are choking away their previous success. Are these the same Jets that beat the Titans and the Bengals. The  Browns are 1-1 after Odell, but the Patriots exposed and beat them severely, and the defence couldn’t adjust. The Bucs have injury issues and seem a shadow of themselves as the WFT delivered a solid game and caught the Bucs sleepwalking after their bye. Cowboys checked back into the league and trashed the Falcons. Jalen Hurts is dangerous with his feet and even more hazardous to a defence with Devonta Smith. Panther’s hustle rattles the Cardinals. The Packers quietly take care of the Seahawks. Chiefs rebound and toppled the Raiders for first place in the AFC West. 49ers used  Deebo Samuel in multiple ways to earn a tough win.  Have great week of football starting with tonight’s game!
Pop’s Record  Pop’s record last week: 5-8-1 Season 80-68-1.
The record against the spread last week is 6-8 season 80–69. Upset of the week 2-6-1.
Patriots (6-4) at Falcons (4-5) 
Line: Patriots are favoured by 3.5
The Falcons are going back to the drawing board after being soundly beaten by the Cowboys. Mac Jones is improving every week and looking like a franchise quarterback. The Falcons will get the opportunity to avenge their recent Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. Not a chance! 
Patriots win and cover.
Patriots lead series 9-6-0.
Colts (5-5) at Bills (6-3)  
Line: Bills are favoured by 7.
The Bills came back strong beating the Jets after playing below the level of their opponents the Jaguars. The Colts are heading in the right direction as Wentz is playing better and the team is healthier. The Bills are going to handle them at home as they win, but the Colts will keep it close and cover.
Bills win but don’t cover.
Bills lead series 38-32-1.
Packers(8-2) at Vikings (4-5)
Line: Packers as are favoured by 2.5.
Vikings are up and down, and last week they upset the Chargers. With Aaron Rodgers back, I can’t see how the Packers lose, but the Vikings will keep it close.
Packers win but don’t cover.
Packers lead series 63-55-3.
Bengals (5-4) at Raiders (5-4) 
Line: Bengals are favoured by 1.
Both teams are coming off maddening losses. Raiders allowed the Chiefs to get to take control of the game. Before their bye, the Bengals weren’t up the task of defeating the Browns. The Raiders will win this home game.
Raiders win and cover win.
Raiders lead series 21-11-0.
Cowboys (2-6) at Chiefs(4-5)
Line: Chiefs favoured by 2.5.
Stephen Jones wasn’t happy with Dak taking on three Falcons to score a TD at the end of the game; maybe he should be annoyed with his coach for leaving out there in the first place. Cowboys need Dak to stay healthy. Mahomes came back with some patience against the Raiders and put up 5 TD passes. I looking at a shootout in Arrowhead with the Chiefs will winning.
Chiefs win and cover.
Cowboys lead series 7-4-0.
Cardinals(8-2) at Seahawks 3-6)
Line: Cardinals favoured by 2.5. Which team will have its starting quarterback ready? The Cardinals are going to rebound from a bad game against the Panthers. The Seahawks were shut out against the Packers, and they won’t be against the Cards. 
Cards win and cover.
Seahawks lead series 22-21-1.
Saints (5-4) Eagles(4-6)
Line: Eagles favoured by 1. I believe, and trust Jalen Hurts to make the Eagles competitive every week. I don’t think that the Saints have a quarterback. The Eagles will keep on winning.
Eagles win but don’t cover.
Eagles lead 18-15-0.
Dolphins (3-7) at Jets (2-7)
Line: Dolphins favoured by 2.5 Former Jets coach Rex Ryan has joined the Jets hate bandwagon. Dolphins had an impressive win against the Ravens. The Jets got beat up by an angry Bills team. Mike White’s four interception should sent him to reality check tent. The Dolphins continuing their strong defensive play and will beat the Jets.
Dolphins win and cover.
Series tied 55-55-1.
WFT(3-6) at Panthers (5-5)
Line: Panthers favoured by 2.5. A return to Carolina for Coach Rivera! Panthers suddenly re-discovered themselves. The WFT had an impressive win against the Super bowl champs. The Panthers also remembered that they have a pretty good defence.
Panthers win and cover.
WFT lead Series 9-7-0.
Lions (0-1-8) at Browns (5-5)
Line: Browns by favoured by 10.
The kneecapping Lions have a pretty solid running game but can’t seem to pass the ball when they need it. Browns must be disappointed with their pathetic performance against the Patriots. I don’t see a first victory or a second tie for the Lions, but they will cover the spread.
Browns but don’t  cover. 
Lions lead series19-5-0.
49ers (3-5) at Jaguars (2-7)
Line: favoured by 2.5.
Jaguars have been playing better lately. The 49ers were impressive in setting a tough tone and imposing their will against the Rams. It’s going to be a hard-fought game, but the 49ers will win the game.
49ers win and cover.
49ers lead series 3-2-0.
Texans(1-8) at Titans (8-2)
Line:  Titans favoured by 11.
Texans are coming off their bye. Titans are on a hot winning their last five games  and haven’t lost since that unexplainable loss against the Jets. Could this be one of those strange games that the Titans lose? No! Titans wins.
Titans win and cover.
Titans lead series 21-17–0.
Ravens (6-3) at Bears(3-6)
Line: Ravens are favoured by 6.5.
Ravens are coming off a loss to the Dolphins. The Bears were on a four-game losing streak before the bye. Justin Fields is playing well and is a bright spot on the Bears roster. Ravens are going to come in very motivated and won’t lose two games in a row.
Ravens win and cover.
Bears lead series 4-2.
Steelers (5-3-1) at Chargers 5-4)
Line: Chargers are favoured by  3.5.
Chargers have only one win in their last four games. If this is a get-right game for the Chargers, it’s going to be a difficult one. Steelers have a top-notch defence. Steelers are not going to win, but they will cover.
Chargers win but don’t cover.
Steelers lead series 24-10-0.
Giants( 3-6) at Buccaneers(6-3)
Line: Buccaneers are favoured by 12.5.
The WFT made Buccaneers look very beatable. The Giants got a much-needed victory before the bye. Carefully I’m picking the Bucs to win, but I’ll be taking the points.
Bucs win but don’t cover.
Giants lead series 16-8-0.

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