Jokic Brothers vs Morris Brothers Who You Got? Let The Boys Fight On Jake Paul’s Fight Card.

In a sport that is notorious for floppers such James Harden and Lebron James, it also has it’s tough guys. Unlike hockey, fighting isn’t allowed in the NBA but maybe it should be. The beauty of the NHL is that players govern themselves and keep themselves in check. If Brad Marchand takes a run and hits Brendan Gallagher, Gallagher will defend himself and rightfully so. On Monday night, Markief Morris took a hard shot to Jokic’s ribs while the Nuggest big man was vulnerable. Jokic then retaliates with a hard shove to Morris’ back.

What happened next is the most interesting part of all this. The Jokic brothers take to twitter or at least “try” and make it known to the world that nobody will bully their little bro. Markieff’s brother Marcus Morris Sr., who is also known as a dirty hardnose player, jumped on twitter to throw out a very passive threat to Nikola Jokic. I just want the record to show that the Jokic brothers would ragdoll the Morris brothers. They look they’re on the Tony Soprano side of the Yugoslavian mafia with fighting experience. One of them is an MMA fighter but there’s someting about these tall baltic dudes that scares the peanuts out of me.

If the Morris brothers were to square off in a tag team match against the Jokic brothers, Jake Paul’s undercard would be perfect. Not only would it be a more interesting matchup than Frank Gore vs Deron Williams but at least one of them is trained in combat fight. The NBA should let them fight just like in the NHL and here’s why:

1- You know that retaliation would not be an issue the next time these two teams play. So Jokic and Morris squaring off to throw a few bombs would’ve fixed the issue. If Morris wasn’t just laying there selling the hit than maybe it would’ve happened. Udonis Haslem has already highlighted the rematch on November 29th of this year. Get your popcorn ready.

2- More people would tune in. Remember the bad boys of the NBA in the 80’s and 90’s? How sick would that be today.

3- Guys like Lebron and Harden won’t be able to flop around like a sack of potatoes every time someone grazes their chin.

In all reality, both players should be fined or suspended. Fighting isn’t a thing in basketball unless you’re Jimmy Butler and the Heat waiting for Jokic in the hallway being guarded by one security guard.

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