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Week 9: Pop’s Picks: Who can you trust?

Pop’s Record  Pop’s record last week: 4–11 Season 67-55. The record against the spread last week is 7–8 season 67-55. Upset of the week 2-6
Jets (2-5) at Colts (3-5) 
Line: Colts are favoured by 10.5
The Jets seem successful against teams with winning records, dishing out defeats to the Titans and the Bengals. The Colts don’t have a winning record but are improving. Hopefully, Carson Wentz won’t duplicate the horrible pick-six. Colts win but don’t cover against newly inspired Jets team.
Colts win but don’t cover.
Colts lead series 43-32-0.
Raiders (5-2) at Giants (2-6)  
Line: Raiders favoured by 3.
Against the Chiefs, the Giants put together a series of unforced errors resulting in penalties at the worst possible time, both on offence and defence. The Raiders may be a little rusty coming off the bye week. It remains to be seen if the close loss against the Chiefs can inspire the Giants.  I am going to risk placing my trust in the Giants to win this game.
Giants win and cover.
Raiders lead series 8-5-0.
Falcons(3-4) at Saints (5-2)
Line: Saints are favoured by 6.
Just when I thought that the Falcons could be trusted to win an important division game, they let the Panthers steal one from them. Saints are down a starting quarterback and continue to deal with key injuries. Taysom Hill is returning and should help the  Saints to march to a comfortable home victory.
Saints win but don’t cover.
Falcons lead series 53-51-0.
Bills (5-2) at Jaguars (1-6)
Line:Bills are favoured by 14. As my upset pick of last week, the Jaguars proceeded to be taken to the woodshed by back quarterback Geno Smith.  The Bills won a hard-fought victory against the Dolphins. Going out on a limb, I guess I’m going to trust the Bills to add this game to the win column.
Bills win and cover.
Colts lead series 9-8-0.
Browns (4-4) at Bengals (5-3) 
Line: Bengals are favoured by 2.5.
The Browns and their injured quarterback couldn’t beat the Steelers, losing a game to a divisional rival and missing an opportunity to make a statement. The Bengals have earned my trust throughout the season and proved me wrong by upsetting the Ravens earlier this year. Last week surprisingly, the Bengals were beaten by the Jets. This week the ball will bounce the Bengals way.
Bengals win and cover.
Bengals lead series 51-44-0. 
Patriots (4-4) at Panthers (4-4)
Line: Patriots favoured by 3.5.   
Patriots have been pretty impressive lately, defeating the Chargers. The Panthers ended a losing streak. The Patriots should win this game and will terminate the one-game winning streak of the Panthers.
Panthers win and cover.
Panthers lead series 4-3-0.
Broncos (4-4) at Cowboys (6-1)
Line: Cowboys favoured by 8.5.
The Cowboys have been very consistent in winning games this year with good performances every week. The Broncos are off to a good start and won again last week. I am going to be trusting the Cowboys with or without DAK to win this home game. Cowboys win and cover.
Broncos lead series 8-5-0.
Vikings (3-4) at Ravens (5-2)
Line: Ravens favoured by 5.5.
Lately, the hot and cold Vikings seem to be winning on alternative weeks. They will have to wait yet another week. The Viking’s lack of an offence was their downfall against the Cowboys. Ravens are going to bounce back after getting crushed by the Bengals.       
Ravens win but don’t cover.
Series tied 3-3-0.
Texans (1-7) at Dolphins (1-7)
Line: Dolphins favoured by 7.
Dolphins keep on losing after an opening day win against the Patriots. The Texans were a different team with Tyrod Taylor. Although he may return, I don’t think it makes a difference. This game is a toss-up, and I am going to be foolishly trusting the home team.
Dolphins win and cover.
Texans lead series 8-1-0.
Chargers(4-3) at Eagles (3-5)
Line: Chargers favoured by 2.5.
Chargers were allowing me to have some trust in them after a few impressive wins. The Eagles are proving again that they aren’t a bad team pounding the Lions last week. The Chargers will come East and put their game back together and defeat the Eagles.
Chargers win and don’t cover.
Chargers lead series 7-5-0.
Packers (7-1) at Chiefs(4-4)
Line: Chiefs favoured by 7.5.
The defence won the game for the Packers last week. The Giants won the game for the Chiefs last week. Aaron Rogers won’t pick apart the Chief’s defence as the Packers invoke COVID Protocol.
Chiefs win but don’t cover.
Chiefs lead Series 7-5-1.
Cardinals (7-1) at 49ers (3-4)
Line: Cards favoured by 2.5.
Cardinals lost a game they should have and could have won but didn’t. The 49ers beat the Bears, but they are still not right. The Cardinals are not going to lose two in a row. The Cards will win and quickly cover the spread.
Cardinals and cover. 
49ers lead series 32-28-0.
Titans (6-2) at Rams (7-1)
Line: Rams favoured by 7.5.
Titans lose Derrick Henry; the Rams gain Von Miller. The Rams are building for a deep playoff run. The Rams will win this game, but it will be close.
Rams win and but don’t cover.
 Rams lead series  8-5-0.
Bears(3-5) at Steelers(4-3)
Line:  Steelers favoured by 6.5
Steelers show a lot of resilience, as an ageing Big Ben leads them to victory. Steelers’ defence is playing at a very high level. Bears continue to underachieve; time for a change in Chicago.
Steelers win and don’t cover.
Bears lead  19-17–1.

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