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Pop’s Picks Week 8: Jaguars upset, Lions first W & Jets continue to stink

Week 7  Notes: The Bengals are looking like a team that needs to be taken into account. Their upset victory against the Ravens was earned. The Lions used every trick in the book to try to thwart the Rams. They made the game enjoyable. They are the best 0-7 team ever. Look for them to get their first win this week. It looks like the Jets threw in the towel after Zach Wilson left the game. The Raiders are winning without Gruden. Cardinals remain undefeated. Carolina lost the get-right game against the Giants. Buccaneers trash the Bears and look unstoppable. I can’t wait for week 8. Have a great football week starting tonight.
Pop’s Record  Pop’s record last week:  8–5
Season 63-44.
Record against the spread (last week) is 10-3 (season) 60-47.
Upset of the week 2-5.
Packers 6-1) at Cardinals (7-0) 
Line: Cardinals favoured by 3.5
Cards will be a perfect 8-0 after this game. The Packers have been beating everyone in their path but are having some COVID issues with their roster. I’m still not sold on the Packer defence. It is going to be a nail-biter, but Cards will win.
Cardinals win but don’t cover.
Packers lead series 45-26-4.
Bengals (5-2) at Jets (1-5)  
Line: Bengals are favoured by 9.5.
Bengals should have been my upset of the week team last week. Bengals just upset the Ravens and are hot. The Jets lose Zach Wilson and get trounced by the Patriots. This game will be a blow-out, and the Jets will get steamrolled.
Bengals win and cover.
Jets lead series 17-10-0.

Panthers (3-4) at Falcons (3-3)
Line: Falcons are favoured by 3.

This is could be a get-right game for Sam Darnold, but it won’t. The Falcons finally won a close game beating the Dolphins by two.The Panthers have been on a tailspin. Falcons will win.
Falcons win but don’t cover.
Falcons lead series 33-19-0.

Titans 5-2) at Colts (3-4)
Line: Colts are favoured by 1.
Colts got a nice victory on a rainy night in San Francisco last week. Titans ran down the Chiefs and made it look easy. Colts want to employ the same game plan and stifle Titans Henry. Carefully I’m taking the Colts to have a repeat performance  and cover the one point spread.
 Colts win and cover.

Colts lead series 35-19-0.
Dolphins (1–6) at Bills ( 4-2) 
Line: Bills favoured by 13.5.
The well rested Bills coming off reality check loss against the Titans. In the first game the Bills shut-out the Dolphins 35-0. All the Deshaun Watson talk has to be unsettling as the Dolphins are getting progressively worse week by week.  Another blow-out win for the Bills.
Bills win and cover.
Dolphins lead series 61-53-1. 
Steelers(3-3) at Browns (4-3)
Line: Browns favoured by 3.    
Although the Browns are pretty banged up, they still have enough on defence to beat the Steelers. The back up players will step-up for the Browns as they win the game comfortably.              
Browns win and cover.
Steelers lead series 77-61-1.
Eagles (2-5) at Lions (0-7)
Line: Eagles favoured by 3.
The Eagles are not a push over and have competed in all of their games. Jalen Hurts may not be perfect but his running ability keeps the offence on the field.The Lions are a hard working team that have lost too many times to better teams by last second field goals. Their fate will change on Sunday as Coach Campbell ushers i the team to a first victory.
Lions win and cover.
Series tied 16-16-2.
Rams (6-1) at Texans (1-6)
Line: Rams favoured by 15.5.
They only way the Rams could lose this game is by falling asleep. The Texans could get Tyrod Taylor back and play the Rams a lot tougher. The Rams maybe thinking too much about their next opponent the Titans
Rams win but don’t cover.
Rams lead series 3-1-0.
Patriots (3-4) at Chargers (4-2)
Line: Chargers favoured by 3.5.
Are the Patriots that good or were the Jets that bad? What about the Chargers getting hammered by the Ravens. Who can you trust? I’m trusting Justin Hebert and the Chargers. Look for Mac Jones to really be tested by the strong defence.
Chargers win and cover.
Patriots lead series 26-15-2.
49ers (2-4) at Bears (3-4)
Line: Bears favoured by 2.
The 49ers are going to have a lot questions to answer after a sloppy home loss to the Colts. The Bears can’t protect Justin Fields and he keeps on getting sacked. The Niners will oblige and continue sacking Fields. 
49ers win and don’t cover.
49ers lead series 34-32-1.
Jaguars (1-5) at Seahawks (2-5)
Line: Seahawks favoured by 7.5.
Seahawks can’t seem to get anything going without Russel Wilson. The Seahawks defence is not used to spending so much time on the field.  Jaguars are rested and on a one game winning streak. It will be two in a row for the Jaguars. 
Jaguars win and cover.
Seahawks lead Series 5-3-0.
Bucs (6-1) at Saints (4-2)
Line: Bucs favoured by 4.5.
Other than there one-sided victory against the Packers, the Saints have been winning games and struggling at the same time. The Bucs are looking near perfect. 
Bucs win but don’t cover. 
Series tied 2-2-0.
WFT (2-5) at Broncos (3-4)
Line: Broncos favoured by 3.5
Broncos began the season 3-0 and now risk losing their fifth game in a row. The WFT is sliding downhill and not getting the kind of play on defence that they envisioned. Broncos will end their losing streak and edge out a win
Broncos win and but don’t cover.
Series tied  7-7-0.
Cowboys(5-1 at Vikings(3-3)
Line: Cowboys favoured by 4.5
America’s teams is back to being America’s team. Dak has the offence clicking, and they seem unstoppable. Defensive coordinator Quinn win has re-vitalized the defence and they are performing at a high level, creating turnovers at every opportunity. The Vikings have a talented team that endured a few difficult losses but won their share of games.
Vikings win and don’t cover.
Cowboys lead  17-15–0.
Giants (2-5) at Chiefs (3-4)
Line:  Chiefs favoured by 9.5
For the second week in a row, the Giants face a team that needs a get-right game. The Chiefs, with their defence struggling and weak offensive line, still are a formidable opponent. The Giants played an excellent game against the Panthers and have some confidence going into Arrowhead stadium. The Chiefs will lose a close match.
Giants win.
Giants lead Series 11-3-0.

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