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AEW Dynamite Preview: Back to Wednesday Night!

Good news AEW fans, Dynamite is back on Wednesday night! And to celebrate, we’re getting another huge card. The World Title Eliminator tournament first round comes to an end, CM Punk will be in action, we’ll get an huge opening round matchup from the TBS tournament, a big 8-man tag match, and Sammy Guevara will put his TNT championship on the line in a match that has tons of future stipulations at stake.

All that and so much more, and here is where we’ll break it all down.

Sammy Guevara vs Ethan Page – TNT Title Match

The Inner Circle and American Top Team have been feuding for a while now, so ever since Sammy Guevara won the TNT championship, you new it was only a matter of time before one of the Men of the Year would get a shot. I personally thought it would be Scorpio Sky, but I’m happy with the choice of Ethan Page. I feel that Page has been absolutely killing it in his promos recently and rewarding him with a TNT title match is certainly warranted. I think that all the ingredients are there for Sammy and Ethan to have a great match.

This match has a ton of other stipulations too, other than just being a high-profile title match. If Page wins, not only will he be the new TNT champion, but Sammy will have to leave the Inner Circle for good. But if Sammy wins, it’ll be his second successful title defence, and he will get to choose the 3 members of American Top Team who will team with Sky and Page for the big 10-man match.

There is a lot going on with this match, but what makes the most sense here is to have Sammy come out the winner.

Serena Deed vs Hikaru Shida – First Round TBS Tournament

It was only a couple of weeks ago, that AEW built up Hikaru Shida’s 50th win as a huge deal (which it is), but in a great swerve, Shida actually lost. It was a really good match between Serena Deeb and Shida, but Deeb ruined the celebration by making Shida tap out, and keeping her stuck at 49 wins. I think we also saw the start of what could be a heel turn from Deeb, as she showed a very different attitude to what we saw before her injury.

I think that this is a good move to have them face off again, and especially in the first round. I think that it’s easily the marquee match up of the first round, and it’s a match that can go either way. I personally would have Shida win here to get her win back and set up a match with her old rival, Nyla Rose. But I’d also go all in on this Serena Deeb turn, and have here attack Shida after the match.

Jon Moxley vs 10 – World Title Eliminator Tournament

This is another match up that on first glance, it seems obvious who will move forward. And while I do believe that it will be Jon Moxley who will move on from this match, there is a really cool callback to Moxley and 10. When 10 was first brought into the Dark Order by Brodie Lee, 10 was viewed as Lee’s favourite protege. So when Mox and Brodie were feuding, Jon Moxley actually broke 10’s arm! It’s a nice little twist to add this match to the tournament and I love that AEW do this kind of thing.

Like I said, I still think that Jon Moxley will be the winner, and it’ll set up a very tasty semi-finals match against Darby Allin. For 10, I hope he shines here in defeat to show how much he’s improved since he’s started with AEW.

There is still two other big matches announced for tonight’s show. We have an 8-man tag between the Dark Order and the Elite. It’ll be interesting to see if Hangman gets involved in this. And we also have CM Punk vs Bobby Fish in a match that I’m really looking forward to.

All this and so much more can be seen on TNT (TSN in Canada) every Wednesday night at 8PM EST.

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